How to stay busy with the ongoing lockdown

It’s been a pretty tough time in a pretty tough situation, driving everyone nuts. Having to stay at home unwillingly is another great ordeal to deal with.While I sat down in my room I got the idea to begin a 10 days writing challenge in which I came up with some interesting topics( see imageContinue reading “How to stay busy with the ongoing lockdown”

Mystery in my words: Award Nomination

I am so delighted and happy! I was nominated by Jill, owner of the site “Cats out the box”. Thank you so much Jill, for your constant read and contribution. Cats out of the Boxis a very interesting site filled with life expiriences, inspiring and motivating posts! You may want to check and discover it’sContinue reading “Mystery in my words: Award Nomination”

A vote of thanks….500 Followers🙌🎉

The decision I made to begin this motivational site “Living what you love”, has without regret being so far one of the best decisions I have made….ever! And I have no one else to thank for this, than every awesome blogger, who have diligently followed my blog, liked my content, and shared their contributions, andContinue reading “A vote of thanks….500 Followers🙌🎉”

Blogger Recognition Award

Wow is the word that describes how I feel right now. Having to share my thoughts from my view point via this platform, and having a community of awesome bloggers who throw more light to my thoughts. Success is never achieved by one. One will chase a thousand and two, tens of thousands. A hugeContinue reading “Blogger Recognition Award”

The power of “The Many”

It is often said, one will chase a thousand but two will chase tens of thousands….. I just want to appreciate and extend my heart felt gratitude to you all who have taken out time to read through my posts and have liked, appreciated, encouraged my thoughts… I wouldn’t have made it this far withoutContinue reading “The power of “The Many””

One Lovely Blogger Award

This month of September has been a wonderful one as far as blogging is to me. Just been nominated for the “Liebster Awards”, here comes another marvel_ the “One Lovely Blogger Awards“. I have grown rich in expirience, skills and above all in meeting wonderful bloggers that you are via this platform. I have learntContinue reading “One Lovely Blogger Award”

Liebster Award- Get to know me more…

Hello friends!!!! Today, marks a remarkable day in my blogging life….. Being a start-up blogger, this achievement means alot to me. Earlier today I was nominated by Nishtha Shukla for the Liebster Awards, 2017.  (Click on the link to know more about her). Thanks Nishta Shukla for believing I am worth the nomination. She is just anContinue reading “Liebster Award- Get to know me more…”