Finding your JOY😄

Man is on an unending quest in search of a never ending Happiness ( Joy).

Growing up, I couldn’t place a thin line between JOY and HAPPINESS. They are emotions that express completeness, satisfaction, and excitement. Hardly can one ever think of a difference existing between these emotions.

But I think, I had an expirience lately which make me realise Happiness is quite different from Joy.

Happiness is instant, and temporal. It is always provoked by exciting circumstances or what I will call external factors. It can easily be wiped off by sad happenings. This is what explains…a minute you are happy😀, and the next you are sad😕

Joy, is different. It is an internal feeling of never ending happiness. It is not affected by happenings around you. It stays forever in your heart . It’s that calm assurance and rest you have in heart even when things go wrong. It’s makes you stay confident and positive. It gives you the power to overcome difficult times. It keeps you standing…..
The causes of joy have been ascribed to various sources:

“When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”_ Gautama Buddha.
“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” _ Joseph Campbell.

Joy is the emotional dimension of the good life, of a life that is both going well and is being lived well.”_ Miroslav Volf.

The question I ask myself is this: After many years of living can one realise they have been happy but haven’t expirienced joy?

These are just my thoughts😊

A lovely week to you all❤❤🙌


Blogger Recognition Award

Wow is the word that describes how I feel right now. Having to share my thoughts from my view point via this platform, and having a community of awesome bloggers who throw more light to my thoughts. Success is never achieved by one. One will chase a thousand and two, tens of thousands.

A huge thanks to all my fellow blogger-friends ❤❤

I wish to equally thank Rad Gamer for haven nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. He’s a passionate blogger with quite a unique angle in writing motivational posts, and also has a great taste in writing life-changing quotes as well. Checking out his blog will leave you amazed on how he scribbles down inspiration. Thanks once more😊

The Rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2. Write a post to show your award.
3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
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I started blogging on April 15th, 2017. I had alot going through in my life at that time. Some I could control and some I just couldn’t. I found myself living a life that wasn’t for me. Fulfilling dreams that weren’t mine. And finally when I got the hold of myself and realized the grave mistake I made, I told myself one day, that I will turn my pain into gain. I will turn my expirience and story into writings, to help whoever comes across. That’s how I started my motivational blog site Living what you love.

To everyone who’s starting this blogging journey, I would say take the exercise as a passion. Develop a soft spot for it. Find pleasure doing it….and it’d be fun. There’s no other way of becoming a professional blogger, than to keep doing it…all the time.

Also, it won’t be easy finding what to write all the time. So it’d leave u deficient at some point, because you will have little or nothing to write on. But like I always do….find your inspiration source. Once you know what drives you, you will always have something to ride home. It must not always be what the big pictures tells you. Write posts that relate with your desired audience. In so doing you built your community.

Nomination time!!!!

Here comes my nominees:

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Individually we are one drop, together we are an Ocean …. ❤❤

If tears could bring you back…

Love while we still can, like we have never done before. Both small and great, old and young. Once someone’s gone, we can’t express our love towards them. Let’s make the most of the time we have…and make every dark day seem bright.

So while we still have time, we care for those who are in need of our care. This is because a time will come, when they won’t be any more by our side.

But all we’ll have is sweet memories we carry in our hearts forever❤❤❤


Family, the society, people, work, business try as much to tell us how we should be. How we should behave, and how to become the person they want us to be. Alot of things retain us from being us. What makes you different is what makes others indifferent. Our uniqness depends on those facets that make up our character, what comprises of our dream, and preferences.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than living a life meant for you. But most often at times, we are living our lives as imposters. Impersonating others, all for the glory we think lies in doing so. There’s nothing more beautiful than being you.

In my country it’s most likely to see parents get their children to live the life they couldn’t. …accomplish the dreams they couldn’t because time played a prank on them!

There are so many rules that curb out an aspect that makes us, us. All for the sake of wanting to be perfect, we loose that aspect of us that makes us different and unique.

This feeling always creep in when we feel less appreciative of ourselves. When we feel we aren’t good enough. And so the way forward, is acting as someone we consider better to obtain better results. No matter what comes, we stick to who we are.

People might easily accept us for the good we are, and not our weaknesses. It is not about running behind a pool of individuals who’d see the good in you and appreciate. It’s about being yourself completely and yet, having people around who will continously remind you of who you want to become.

Facing your Giants

Fear is the outcome of self doubt. Con trary to confidence. It’s the thought of….”what if things go wrong?”. It’s an unwanted feeling and an undesirable one at that but inevitable. It springs forth from us, yet we have that power to overcome them.

But why do we fear?…

We are afraid when outcomes are unknown and unpredictable. We become afraid when we have little or no confidence in ourselves.

However, getting through fear is a skill that anyone can learn. And I would probably say there is no general way to overcoming fears. It’s relative. At a more individualistic level, each person has this self devising strategy to battle fear.

We can’t live without fear, bc it’s an emotion. It is what makes us human. However, we can subdue it, not to blur our vision of what we tend to realize.

The problem most faced at this point is that most people cling to their fears, because it’s part of who they are.

There are two options: Facing our fears, or running away from them.

How to Start Overcoming Fear

1. Have that awareness:

We need to bring ourselves to the point of realising that fear destroys, it stagnates and it regresses our progress.

2. Identify your fears:

Know what makes you scared. What limits you. If you can’t identify your fears you can’t challenge them.

3. Challenge your fears:

As difficult as it may sound, the best way to overcome your enemy is not to run away from it but to face it. Start doing what makes you scared. Start acting upon that dream you think it’s too daring. Do one thing everyday that scares you. High achievers, regardless of occupation, understand that taking risks and massive action is a vital part in getting from where you are to where you want to go. And that goes for in life — and in business. But often these risks are met with fear, which can cause people to question their ambitions and prevent them from taking action.

The lion is not the king of the jungle because it’s large. There are larger animals than it. It is because, it is not afraid to dare….

We have that power to defeat our fears and not let it get the best of us. And above all believe conquers fear. More than anything in the world, faith and believe ward off fear and renders it meaningless.