Value is more expensive than price🌸🌸🌸

Price can be understood as the money or amount to be paid, in order to get something. Conversely,value implies the utility of worth of the commodity or service for an individual.

But I’m not talking on price and value with relation to goods or services. Rather I would talk about value and price, with respect to US as individuals.

When we talk about value…. worth always comes to mind. Everything we do in life, either adds up to our value as a person or it degrades it. We have as a duty to maintain our personal integrity and value because that’s what defines us and makes us priceless.
However there are alot of things happening around us that hit us down, making us feel we can not achieve that self confidence.

But value in this sense….is not achieved with wealth, rather it’s the value of the mind.

How can one increase his/her value??

1. Spend resource on yourself:

Ok! Here I’m not talking about going shopping, getting new clothes, cars, going out on luxurious vaccations and whatever you need to make you wow….. As important as these things may be, I am talking about spending time and money on developing your mind. Purchasing relevant books that enlightens your mind.

Spending quality time with yourself.

I know it’s important we hang out with friends…but of a truth…there comes a time…when sitting all by yourself and asking yourself a thousand questions no one would have ever asked, will do you a lot more good and make you realise how important you are.

2. Resize your social circle:

Resizing your social circle is a very important factor, if you would want to step up your value. It isn’t so because friends are bad, but because it will help you narrow down your preference. There are over billions of people in the world with different dreams and mindset. You just can’t afford to mix yourself up in the whole. Find those who relate with you at different level. Those who have a clear cut line between pleasure time and get things done time.

3. Remind yourself:

The world has its way of reminding us of how many difficult moments we have to overcome and how difficult it might be to always get what we want. But it’s imperative you tell yourself at all times that you are priceless.

A man will practice what he hears.




 Someone To Remember🌸!!

Life’s a journey and each day, we get to meet people of various socio-cultural backgrounds. One of the most important things I have learnt that exists between humans is “relation”…. And I begin asking myself, “how is my relationship with the people I meet?”.

Then, it gets dawn on me that, everything that has stood the test of time did because someone who’s worthy of trust was involved. Then I ask myself again, “I’m I worthy of someone’s trust?”

We live our lives, yet in the midst of so many people. At sometimes, we find ourself selflessly reaching out to help those in need. Our words, touch, encouragement, visits, sends out thousands of messages that “we care”…

Earlier today, I cross examined my life and asked myself questions on how I have added value to those around  me. We all have values, but its our duty to positively influence those around us…. “But again, why take so much pain to help others…its their live not yours”. Then, I noted:

People will remember you, not for the thousands of possesions you got, or numerous infrastructures you have built or amount of money you posses. But, for the little touch you gave when that person needed someone to hold. For the time you spent beside that person when all others fled. For the Kind words you utter when others  spoke words of mockery. This, is the greatest legacy ever!!!!

 Buildings and possessions and money will one day crumble or we’ll find ourselves lacking. But true act of kindness and love will stand the test of time. No matter how  that passes….people will remember you for the good deeds… Because, such acts are engrafted in the hearts of men.

So, I wanna be rich in my relationship with people…… Give a smile☺ to those in need and lend a helping hand🙋 to those who bleed of pain. There’s so much love in our hearts to share. 

For this great act, the reward seems so small but has an everlasting effect. The smile of thanks and gratitude that rests upon the face of the one you helped, goes such peace and satisfaction…

Nothing should stand as a barrier, limiting us from reaching out to people and being extraordinary in our services of love. Not race, not age, not gender, not nationality, not status!. We are all one, created by an all loving God who knows no discrimination.

I was so inspired today by a little girl I met. She’s five but has taught me the greatest of lessons in human relationship when she told me “.……..I want to help people, but my friends tell me I’m too small, I’d need to grow up, work and save alot before I do that! But I can help without money… Like I helped my friend when she fell!!…”


Happy Thursday 🌸💕💖!!!!