Everyday we get to sleep, with little or no certainty if we’re gonna wake up to witness the next day. But if you do…know life has offered you another chance to bring your dreams and imaginations to reality. Earlier today when I was researching on the internet I stumbled on one of Albert Einstein’s quotesContinue reading “OWN YOUR IMAGINATIONS”

Bed Time Motivation: Man and Time

It is always believed that time passes, it fades away, it ellapses, it is finite. And so each and every second, minute, hour or day of our lives, we strive not to let time get waisted. Because time is a pivotal point of our very existence. But, we are the ones who fade away. ItContinue reading “Bed Time Motivation: Man and Time”

DAY 2 Quote challenge:

Today’s quote is on perseverance and time. I got inspired today when I realized that, an issue I had been dealing with, using so much efforts to resolve, finally became resolved because I gave it time. There are times we want answers to our question…NOW. We tried and came to the resolution that it isn’tContinue reading “DAY 2 Quote challenge:”