Appreciate “who you are” and not “who you should have being”!

We often go about our daily lives, appreciating others for jobs well done, when they might have acheived success or gone a milestone in their live’s activities.

And sometimes we less appreciate our very own selves. We get so filled and blinded with the thought of arriving or becoming someone better in the future….which is undecided in nature, than focusing and appreciating who we are at the very moment.

In one of my posts, We made it, I said it was always important for us to catch a glimpse of who we were yesterday to better appreciate who we are today.

I personally think, a man’s motivation to greater success is first of all acknowledging who you were, appreciating who you are, to get to who you want to become!

This means our present state decides who we become! We can’t wipe out the present and aim for the future

Because, the gift of the present, is that we are given the acertainty and assurance to life!

Like I said in another post of mine, using the words of Josh Groban “Tomorrow’s undecided, never take a single breathe for granted….”

So while you still are, appreciate yourself so much that you already become a better version of yourself now!

We anticipate too much!

As though we have control of time!

Love your life now…

Love yourself now…

Go out to the most inspiring places now….

Appreciate who you are…..

What Do You Have?: 3 Days Quote challenge, Day I

I was nominated earlier by Jill, owner of the site, Cats out of the box for a three days quote Challenge.

There are several things I have benefited throughout my blogging expirience, but one I cherish the most is, I have made lots of acquaintance who have contributed hugely to what I write and inspire me to write more.

Thanks again Jill

At the end of the day, what really belongs to you eternally?

What have you achieved?

Or what you learnt?

Sucess is beautiful. Achievements are even more.

But at the end of it all the lessons we learn give us multiple opportunities to gain further victories in life.

We can’t stop learning but we can stop achieving. But even when we don’t achieve, we learn.

Shine Bright🎇🎇

When the dusk gets darker… is a clear indication that the dawn is near.

Shine on through the darkness, the worries, and the confusion because at the end of it all you alone decide how bright you will want your life to be.

When I looked up into the sky this evening…I got an inspiration. The stars in the vast firmament look like randomly placed dizzling crystals…. They are surrounded by the dark cloud, yet they don’t get intimidated to shine on to their maximum.

I wonder where nature got such courage.??

They might have been small yet they grace and adorn the night with such elegance and beauty.

It’s not how much you think you can do….It’s all about consistency in doing what’s right

Don’t go out of your way thinking it might not work….Stay there and keep doing it!!!

Wherever you are, the world beckons on you to fulfill your role in making the world a better place. The reality about life is, the world’s made up of people…..not a person….but it needs you to fulfil what you should because no one else can but you…..That’s how unique you are.

“A living dog is better than a dead lion”. As far as you are alive, there’s hope for you. Just keep believing that you can and you will…

Be the best that you can be.

# you are awesome🌸❤💜💙💚

We Made It👏👌💕!!

Hello friends,

Today I wish to encourage and give a thumbs up to us all. We have made it!

Looking at my past, and catching a glimpse of where I am right now, gives me courage that I have made it! It suffices for us to tell ourselves that we have made it so far….I wouldn’t be where I am if not of God, who has shown me so much love.

A distance you never thought to cover, a journey you never thought you were brave enough to face. But you made it! That’s how strong we are. 

We haven’t just lived our lives, but we have left our footprint in the sands of time

Where we thought we couldn’t go through, we did. We have to an extent fulfill our year’s goals and wishes.

Live happy☺ for the rest of your days. And make the most of your days



Fulfilment in little Acts

Reading through some lessons today and trying to scribble down some lessons to share. I found out, some secrets to leading a successful life.

Success is the ability to do “the best” of what you can. This therefore means, success has no universal definition Because what you consider success to another might be mistaken for a failure. In other words, whatever you do and feel fulfilled doing it! That’s success to you. Don’t let others define your lines of success.

I have read one, and one too many books on success in business and I see a repetition of some core values anyone wishing to succeed should posses. They are:

  1. setting realistic goals
  2. Consistency
  3. Devotion
  4. Passion
  5. Willingness yo increase in knowledge
  6. Finance management etcetc

All these and more are very important factors that when appropriately practised will lead to one succeeding.

Nonetheless, causes of success I have learnt, are self generated. Positive actions in whatever thing we do leads us to sucess. Success is being fulfilled and feeling fulfilled in whatever thing we do.

Success is not measured by the size of your acts. It is by the complete involvement of oneself into it to attain a desired outcome. Swami Sivananda once said, putting your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts is the secret to success.

What interests me is the word “smallest acts”. This means success is not only implemented on what we often call “great acts”. Top notch business men and women learnt this principle. They never despised the days of their little beginnings.

Businesses do not just turn out big. They follow the law of progressive growth. If we need a successful business, we need to focus on the foundation. To give in our all even when others think its not worth it.

You are Strong,…..

Tough times prepares us for future adventures. When the going gets tough, only the tough get going……..

The man in the Mirror

We all take a look at the mirror, to conduct an appraisal of ourselves. We take a look at the mirror, to perfect any imperfection, to set right what Was wrong. To take off what isn’t needed, and add that which is relevant.At the end of it all, what we have is “the desired result” we have so long sought for!. 

A successful live, in whatever domain rests upon the foundation of selfevaluation, advice, patience, consistency and focus. What matters is not the distance of the journey, because sometimes we so much get lost in the pleasures of fulfilling our dreams and yet forget the lessons it brings. What matters most is what we encounter, the experiences we have in making that journey. 

It is the duty of every man with the desire to lead a successful life, to always look ” at the man in the mirror ” Are you what you want to be? Have you fulfilled your dreams? Where did you go wrong? What was lacking?…

As one ponders over these self evaluating questions, we get a clearer view of what e want to be. The dark clouds of doubts and fear are cleared away by the shining light of courage, and self discovery.