Wednesday Thoughts: Seize the Opportunity

Happy morningvation 😊❀❀❀🌸🌸🌸 We have the power to create beauty from ashes….. Whatever we go through….there’s always the solution in our hands. The unexpected will happen. But that will not train us down. Happy Wednesday!!!

Fighting against all odds

“I’ll fight to the very last breath I have…” We fight odds every single day of our lives. These odds are sometimes thrown at us from without….But I think the greatest odds are those from within. I grew up hearing that a stab in the back made by an acquaintance is nothing compared to aContinue reading “Fighting against all odds”

3 Days Quote challenge : Day 3~Be Strong

The world has a way of breaking us down. But when that’s done, we only get stronger at the broken points. Life’s lessons are endless and ceaseless. Each day brings a new lesson, exposing us to many opportunities. Some of which will make or marr us. But whatever the case might be, we only getContinue reading “3 Days Quote challenge : Day 3~Be Strong”