Words convey our moods or feelings. They express us. They can build and create a wonderful feeling but they can also destroy and hurt others so bad. Words said can never be undone. And hurtful words create a scar in the hearts of those who receive them. In this 2019, let our words build. LetContinue reading “OUR WORDS DEFINE WHO WE AREπŸ€πŸ€…..”

Be focused, be a leader, and get yourself to the extremes

There are so many distractions that lie side by side our journey in life. We all have a destination we hope and wish to attain. But often at times, we get swayed off by these side-attractions and then we loose focus!. Focus is the ability to maintain consistency. There’s a difference between covering your journeyContinue reading “Be focused, be a leader, and get yourself to the extremes”