HAIKU: Self discovered truth

I decided to start my Haiku collections. Truth be told I have never done one before, but I was inspired earlier today to start one! Here we go: In your deepest self Lies that one unraveled truth It is yours, accept Certain truths are hidden deep within our very self…. We just need to findContinue reading “HAIKU: Self discovered truth”

When darkness is gone

Give way to the light, You glorious night, And be gone from me, All the sadness I see, For there’s a glorious light, That shines upon, When darkness is gone. I’ll but cherish the light, Only in the presence of the dark, So I’ll let come the night, To better appreciate the light. Concealing beautyContinue reading “When darkness is gone”

The face behind the veil

Drenched in the deepest pain Recalling regrets from within Loosing all urge to gain Refusing to let come tomorrow No love to let in There’s none for me to borrow How can I unmask my sorrow Pretending to be free There’s nothing I see But a face behind a veil If left to me IContinue reading “The face behind the veil”

Musings of the Heart

You deserve better… Far beyond what is expressed on the letter… You put in your love and heart to it… But sometimes you feel that feeling isn’t it… Never be disappointed you let love grow in your heart… Even when you can’t hear the fine echoes resonating from the heart of the one you love…Continue reading “Musings of the Heart”