Find your Self (Depression talks II)

Here I am in the dead of the night, finding words to scribble down to ease the flowing distractions that comes through my mind… And then it hits me hard how powerless we seemingly become when faced with worries, but even more devastating is the fact that we can’t identify that we’ve got a struggle to deal with!

The very first indication to your mental liberation from that cage of emotional and psychological distress is when you realize that there’s some distress that needs rest!!!

An unidentified problem is an unsolved one…

Now, let me tell you guys a little about myself…

Growing up hasn’t always been the bed of roses idealistic expirience. I have had to deal with so many unpleasant things I never really thought I will…

I come from a culture that is more suppressive than expressive…

The greater challenge to find your voice, and then own up to it is a really much difficult exercise to do!!!

But I learnt through the hard way that we can’t always have to control what happens to us but we can always decide on how to react when they do!

A subjected girl in a suppressive culture living in a dominating environment… Taught that the only way to getting your identity is being attached to a man!

Sadly enough lots of young and talented women have slipped through this channel of deception and strongly believe that it’s true!!!

We are full fleshed beings(be it a man or woman) with minds of our own…. Our identities are never attached to any exterior beings. The uniqueness of you is when you become you and not someone else fashioned by critics and what someone thought you should be!!!

This greatly alters, affects and shapes attitude.

Do women alone go through this ordeal?

No, men do as well but more differently than we do.

With men it’s not suppresion but pressure!!!

The mad rush to “succeed”and the pressure that comes along with failure, because society says an unworthy man is one without a trophy ๐Ÿ†

And most times they’re disregarded because they’re considered the “stronger vessels”.

So we find them encaged within the grieves of not being successful…. True!!!

Life becomes a mad rush….. Racing to acheive…. We say we are free but indeed are everywhere in chains.

It becomes a race of compulsion when not done for the right reasons!!!!

We are all wonderful, different and unique… It is not society to define you but we do define the soceity we live in…

There’s no need to feel trapped or pressured by an external society that has no gain say in your identity…

You owe it to yourself to be whatever you want to be in life! And even when you fail…. You can always try again….

Know who you are…

Stand on that…

Believe it…

Speak out…

And it will work for you ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ

We Made It๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’•!!

Hello friends,

Today I wish to encourage and give a thumbs up to us all. We have made it!

Looking at my past, and catching a glimpse of where I am right now, gives me courage that I have made it! It suffices for us to tell ourselves that we have made it so far….I wouldn’t be where I am if not of God, who has shown me so much love.

A distance you never thought to cover, a journey you never thought you were brave enough to face. But you made it! That’s how strong we are. 

We haven’t just lived our lives, but we have left our footprint in the sands of time

Where we thought we couldn’t go through, we did. We have to an extent fulfill our year’s goals and wishes.

Live happyโ˜บ for the rest of your days. And make the most of your days