Who Am I?

A question we all ask ourselves at that point, when we seek to know more of our identity…….There’s a lot of work that has been made on your life. There’s a lot of investment done to produce the wonderful person that you are. Time has been invested. Years have done and gone with each passing day filled with experiences out of which you have been forged.

I told and reminded myself over and over again, who I was and who I am. Beacause its not who you were that matters, but who you are. Born in a family of 6, I was the 6th and last child of my mum. Few months to my delivery I lost my mum. When I was five months old. And for some reasons I can’t understand, my dad left us.

These were the most detresssing times of my life I remember. Growing up with my uncle, who acted as a father figure in my life, gave me strength. I had lost confidence in myself. When I was aged 9, i learned of the hidden truth from my uncle. Then, I could see children with their parents, the love they felt and encouragement they got and……..I looked at myself and wondered why my dad left me and mum left me too. My brain couldn’t process that at all.

I began learning to self encourage myself. My uncle then was too busy with work to feed the family. I learnt to be self dependent at a very tender age. To make do with what I had, and what I couldn’t have, I could only hope to have it someday. I feared failure because I knew the pains my uncle will get through in helping me. I found myself trying almost to avoid it.

That as who I was!!!! only a fraction of what I went through though. But my past are flames out of which I am forged. It made me beautiful today

And today, I do not rely on the pain causing parts of my past. I rely on the strength it gives me. I am strong lady, resistant, determined, focus and brave. Oh yes! No one did it, but my pain made me so. Times came when I cried out my eyes. But after doing so, I usually wipe off my tears, pick up the puzzle pieces of my life, and fit them together again.

Where I felt love lacking, I loved myself. Do not wait for others to love you to find that satisfying love. If you can’t love yourself enough to improve on yourself, then, no one ever will.

Yes, i made a lot of mistakes but I never dwelt in them…… There were times and there are still, when I felt and feel like giving up. But I think again and bounce back on my feet. This is who I am. No longer afraid of making mistakes..😊… When I make them, its my duty to set them right!

To better appreciate who you are….remember who you were! Let time and God be the sole factor that ameliorates your person. I asked myself this question. Its time to Recycle your broken past. Now is your turn. Who are you?

Love u all💜💜

When the waves🌊 are gone.

Life is often not that we envisaged it would be. And so many at times we find the waves of life unfolding as we choose to live. Living is not spending 24 hours a day, it is having the will to discover yet another day and make the most of it, even when today’s yield isn’t promising. To live is to hope for the better which is yet to come.

Impliedly, the waves of life are the challenges that carries away our trust in ourselves sometimes. We feel defeated by its length, width and we sometimes especially give up a million times over before we get to our destination. Waves are camophlage of fear and terror but behind every waves lies the beauty of the ocean body. When the waves are gone, we better appreciate the ocean.

Life waves a lot towards us. Some of which are good and others bad experiences. But its left up to us to decide whether we catch it or let it go.

A wave is a platform to those who want it to be. Problems are platforms that gives us a better altitude to further see what lies ahead of us, and prepare us for a better tomorrow. Those who see the challenges of life as a problem, that’s what its going to be to you. But those who see it as a platform, so it will be.

so much happens around, all over the world. But at the end of it all, its you and your perception of life that matters. When you decide that you will make history and your footprints will be marked on the sands of time, nothing can stop you🌸💕

What Do You See?

What a man sees defines him. And seeing the right things of life is a choice. Our world is full of so many challenges. We keep seeing them, confronting them, facing them and sometimes fleeing away from them. Other times, we resort to searching for solutions to evade these problems.

But how many of us see the opportunity within the problem?…..

Problems are matters regarded as unwelcomed or harmful and needs to be dealt with. But I will add up saying…. 

“Problem  discovers potentials. It comes to everyone but  to those who are able and capable to overcome, they discover the magic it works”

  1. Problems pushes us to the extreme. 
  2. It elastifies our brain, causing us to “think out of the box “.
  3.  It brings out the internalised talents we have carried for so long without realising.
  4. It creates in us a resilient defence system, that receives the schocks life brings.