The power of the human mind(Part II)

Man’s brain, is the myth behind all gains. Every gain in life is as a result of the use of the brain. Your worth in life, is essentially a product of the use of your mind. The state of our life is determined but the state of our mind. No school has a faculty of success, but It is the use of our mind that commands sucesss.
Mind could be defined as a man’s seat of feelings or thoughts. It is the intelligence faculty of man. Our worth in life is essentially a product of the use to which we put our mind. Every star, is a thinker, and every committed thinker is bound to be a star.

We are able and capable to build for ourselves, the life we want to acheive. More often than not, its not other factors that imped us from reaching our desired goals, it is the inadequate usage and confidence in the power of our mind(fear). Failing to put our minds into full use has as failure an outcome.

Functions of the mind:

Anything which is not put to use will become disused and will soon cease to function. Our mind has specific tasks that it carries out. To keep it in form, there are fundamental questions that needs to be posed: “what are the fundamental functions of the mind?”

  1. Learning: learning takes place in the mind. The mind is able to acquire and store information, making it available for use when required. According to Abraham Lincoln “when you stop learning, you’re old, whether 20 or 80.” We need to keep our minds alive through a consistent process of learning.
  • Knowledge: learning culminates to knowledge. It is the sum rangebof what has been perceived, discovered or learnt. Knowledge is not just the art of gathering information, it is power. It enlightens a man and has the ability to set free from the shackles of ignorance….. As it is often said, “when you are not informed, you are deformed”.
  •  Understanding: understanding is a step forward in the school of knowledge. What good understanding does, is to make you outstanding in your quest in life. It is one thing to have a vision, and another to understand it. It is how Much understanding of that vision you have that will subsequently determine the outstanding nature of your accomplishments…
    2.Meditation: understanding comes through a conciius process of meditation that is, staying mentally focused on an issue, until the nitty gritty of it are unfolded to you.
    3. Reasoning: To reason implies engaging into rational, logical and analytical thinking. And what is its end result? Good judgement, and quality decissions.
    We have all it takes to do what we want to do. Our mind is the greatest gift given to humanity. When the mind decides, nothing seems impossible…
    Remember that the greatest of achievement we see all around, stem from the mind……. The power of the kind can’t be undermined…… 
    Anything is possible if we believe….

      Creative power of the human mind!!!

      When life throws us stones…..we should have the creative ability to change those stones into fruits. Don’t go out looking for  things that’d change your life. For all you ever seek lies in your creative ability. Make the most out of what you have. See the good even when others see the bad. For what a man sees defines him.

      The greatest of enterpreneurs that lived and who still live, suceeded because they had a different perception of things. While the “layman” saw the lack of a communication meduim which could permit the sending and receiving of media files, chats as a major problem and setback, Mark Zuckerberg, saw it as a golden opportunity to bring about change in the trend of comminication. This made him stand out. We should be “authors”, inventors, creators. All these will be possible when we learn to “cultivate the mind”.

      Most interestingly the mind is like a piece of land. It needs to be cultivated. The weeds, taken off and useful crops planted. Without which, it is just an empty space.

      “Men and women are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds. – Franklin D. Roosevelt

      Without question, nearly everyone has at least heard something with regard to our Human Mind Power, but let me ask you…do you take that literally?

      The human mind power is unlimited in it’s potential to create the results you desire, WHATEVER they might be. There are no limits with the exception of the limits you place on yourself.
      Relatively the mind is what constitutes a man….it has a creative ability. Whatever actions we take, be it business ventures, they’re there because the mind wanted it so.

      The problem is……how many of us make use of our mind? Our individual mind power is all that’s required  to create and experience a quality of life that you desire for yourself. In other words anything is possible. But we often at times become limited because of “Fear”. But once you become keenly and consciously aware of that fact and make a conscious and intentional choice to discover how to utilize the limitless creative power provided in accomplishing your visions, hopes, dreams and desires you hold for yourself, you break free and start thinking out of the circles and status set by others. You stop running the ” rat race” as says Robert T. Kiyosaki in his book “Rich dad, poor dad”.