Let’s talk Depression~ Rise up from your Ashes (Part I)

In a world filled with millions of people going about their lives…. There’s always that tendency to loose your voice in the midst of so many. Flames of bitter life’s experiences have so much burnt us down to ashes…. But we need to rise up. Emerging stronger than we were and have been.

Bills not paid, job lost, loved ones gone, huge debts lying around, mortgaged properties, broken relationships, disaster staring you in the face 😔 confusion in the air. Lost in the many challenges…. Are the one and one too many unwanted issues we face

Life will always hit us. And most times, it hits us so bad that we count ourselves as unfortunate to have been embraced by it.

Sometimes we may feel that there’s no worth to our many battles we fight especially when we do not heild the results we expected. But don’t give up!! For its just the weight of the world. Focus more on love around you and if you can’t find love, learn to love yourself…

The world will never be complete without you. You are worthy of love…

In one of my write ups The face Behind the veil I said:

I want the world to see me for a strong person that I am. I want to be the candle in the dark that gives hope and light to many who wallow in despair. So I’ll hide my tears not for the sake of being ashamed of being weak, but because I want the world to know me for the strong person that I am.

Errors are bound to happen and the course of our lives sometimes will end up not as it should. And that’s OK!

Dark times won’t last always…… For there’s a glory that meets the eye…lying far beyond the horizons….a hopeful lifestyle we wish we could acheive. And we will if we wish

I’ll be starting out a series on depression….

Someone out there needs hope 😀

Love 😍

And a listening ear👂

I dedicate this poem to anyone battling with depression

Rise up from your ashes

Trapped by pain, ripped off gains,

The feeling of being helpless, broken, unable, deserted and worthless comes knocking…

Instantly nothing makes sense

The glorious beam of joy gives way to the saddening darkness of the night.

Pause ⏸… It creeps in…..

Into your mind…

Nothingness is all that the eyes behold…

Starring into the deep vaccum left from the bullets of pain

But you Can rise from these ashes

Unavoidable it seems,

Denting into the then memories of joy you once had.

Which now resides within the pages of your forgotten past.

Joy becomes a story once lived, once expirienced,

Recounted to console the present grief.

Burned to ashes…

All that’s left is silence…

Yet you can rise from your ashes.

we can spot the rising sun from the horizon dressing up the heavens in a beautiful aray

So we pray

Our bitterness is washed away

Never let the grudges and pains of your past define who you are and will be.

I’ll begin a series on depression and got this need when I almost lost my friend to it. Currently she’s battling and fighting to stay strong and this is dedicated to her and to all those struggling with it.

Hope you join me as we walk down this journey of knowledge….

Until then stay in the beautiful company of your loved ones, pets and friends🌺🌺🌺

Ups and Downs in Life!

There is so much that happens in human life. We call these expiriences. Our life is like a stage, and we, the characters in it!

We cannot have control of everything that happens to us. We cannot always choose to have the good things and avoid the bad. Bad things will happen as well as good things. It is part of our living. It is that which makes living worthwhile.

The constant expiriencing of failures gives birth to a beautiful phenomenon in human life and that’s hope!

Hoping that tomorrow will be better than today.

I sometimes wonder how will it be if we were to have all we wished for?

If life was all about merry and bliss and happiness….

I think the essence of living would have been missing!

Errors are bound to happen and the course of our lives sometimes will end up not as it should. But there’s a glory that meets the eye…lying far beyond the horizons….a hopeful lifestyle we wish we could acheive after several moments of tussling and struggling.

For it’s only after moments of battles that victory can be achieved.

We cannot change the past but we can certainly make our tomorrow beautiful! But that which stands as a barrier is Fear!

But why do we fear?…

We are afraid when outcomes are unknown and unpredictable. We become afraid when we have little or no confidence in ourselves.

However, getting through fear is a skill that anyone can learn. And I would probably say there is no general way to overcoming fears. It’s relative. At a more individualistic level, each person has this self devising strategy to battle fear.

We can’t live without fear, because it’s an emotion. It is what makes us human. However, we can subdue it, not to blur our vision of what we tend to realize.

The problem most faced at this point is that most people cling to their fears, because it’s part of who they are.

There are two options: Facing our fears, or running away from them.

How to Start Overcoming Fear

1. Have that awareness:

We need to bring ourselves to the point of realising that fear destroys, it stagnates and it regresses our progress.

2. Identify your fears:

Know what makes you scared. What limits you. If you can’t identify your fears you can’t challenge them.

3. Challenge your fears:

As difficult as it may sound, the best way to overcome your enemy is not to run away from it but to face it. Start doing what makes you scared. Start acting upon that dream you think it’s too daring. Do one thing everyday that scares you. High achievers, regardless of occupation, understand that taking risks and massive action is a vital part in getting from where you are to where you want to go. And that goes for in life — and in business. But often these risks are met with fear, which can cause people to question their ambitions and prevent them from taking action.

The lion is not the king of the jungle because it’s large. There are larger animals than it. It is because, it is not afraid to dare….

We have that power to defeat our fears and not let it get the best of us. And above all believe conquers fear.

All we have is NOW

We anticipate too much!

As though we have control of time!

Love your life now…

Love yourself now…

Go out to the most inspiring places now….

Appreciate who you are…..

What if I don’t wake up from my sleep!

What if I step out of my home and never return!

What if I don’t see tomorrow!

What if my life ends in just some seconds

What do I have?

What’s left for me!

At the end of all our quest to attain an imaginary journey of happiness, there’s nothing we have but NOW .

There’s nothing we are acertained of but this moment.

We have no idea of what may come but all we do is live in the now, hoping to have a brighter tomorrow.

But if we will one day leave this world, why then do we plan for a future which is unacertained?

It is the beauty and ugliness of our now expiriences that gives us the urge to await what tomorrow may bring. Others will call this feeling_ Hope

We do not know the happenstances of our future life, yet we want to live!

We take the risk that despite not knowing what may come, let’s give life a try!

I would firmly say that I have come to the conclusion that living is hoping.

It is a risky and unexpected outcome journey that everyone embarks on. And that what matters is not the unattained or attained expectations…. It is the little and senseless moments of deep laughter, self-care and happiness, bravery and self-confidence, failures and hurts, love and hatred_ a mixed display and expression of emotions that urges us to gain multiple lessons in life and that enables us affect others positively…..at that very moment while you live…This is all that matters…

Sometimes we fail to understand living…..

Live for you and for others… After all has been said and done we have a stopwatch watching on us…. Tick-tocking and waiting…Giving us new chances of being the best versions of ourselves now!

We don’t have yesterday, it’s gone

We don’t have today, it’s unacertained

We dont have tomorrow, it’s unpredictable

All we have is “NOW

This moment while you’re doing whatever you do!

So live the best version of your life now! Be happy that you got this opportunity. If there’s nothing you feel you should be grateful for…. Be grateful that you have now

We are not living tomorrow nor our yester days we are living in the now.

And so if we begin to appreciate who we are, and we strive to be who we wish to be now, we give a greater essence and respect to our lives.

Motivational Lyrics: “Granted” by Josh Groban

Have you ever felt it could all go away
If you blink
If you never stop running you won’t fall behind
So you think
And you wonder in your heart
If you’re still not who you are
Who are you?
Nothing’s as it seems till it all falls apart

If you have a dream, go chase it
If you feel hope, don’t waste it
If you find love, embrace it
And never take a single breath for granted
The story’s yours, go write it
Tomorrow’s undecided
Our days are counted on this planet
Never take a single breath
Take a single breath for granted

Maybe it’s time you bet on yourself
Listen to your heart
Just listen to your heart and nobody else
So go find out who you are
Only you know who you are
Who are you?
‘Cause all you have to lose
Is your best life yet
So go ahead

If you have a dream, go chase it
If you feel hope, don’t waste it
If you find love, embrace it
And never take a single breath for granted
The story’s yours, go write it
Tomorrow’s undecided
Our days are counted on this planet
Never take a single breath
Take a single breath for granted

Sometimes the greatest moment we’ll ever know
Are when we’re letting go, so let go
And maybe our brightest days still wait for us
In the unknown

If you have a dream, go chase it
If you feel hope, don’t waste it
If you find love, embrace it
And never take a single breath for granted
If you have a light, go find it
The story’s yours, go write it
Our days are counted on this planet
So never take a single breath
Take a single breath for granted

Courtesy: Metrolyrics

Earlier today when I heard this miraculous piece “Granted” by Josh Groban, I couldn’t help myself but plunge in deep thoughts measuring how much strength I have exuded in my life so far, and the unsatiable quest and desire in me to never give up….

If you have a dream, go chase it

If you find hope, don’t waste it

If you find love, embrace it

Chase your dreams till you attain them…… when you have life, you have hope. So don’t waste your life by loosing hope. And if life gives you love, embrace it…..for there are others just waiting to be loved.

The lyrics of this song speaks to me so strongly. We have just a single life to live, with none other to spare. Why not make the most out of it? And never take a single breath for granted.

Find and discover who you are, and always be and stay happy……and never take this moment for granted….

Whatever makes you feel bad, let it go. It is better of to let go of the hurts we feel inside and whatever causes the hurts. Hold on to love and of you couldn’t find one, become and give out the love you have inside for someone else to expirience.

The story of your life belongs to you. You can always write it the way you want. It’s all left for you to decide. Live in the now and plan for the future. Tomorrow’s undecided…..so don’t worry about what it may bring forth. Care for your now, and it will care for your tomorrow.

I fell deeply in love with this piece and I thought to share.

Listen to Josh Groban – GRANTED – BBC Proms in the Park 2018 by songs #np on #SoundCloud

I will be very pleased to get your views on this inspirational and motivationg piece in the comments section below.

Till when next I post, I wish u all a fun-filled day with much love❤❤🙌

A humble plea to every WordPress Blogger

Hello fellow bloggers,

I got to come across a set of beautiful art work which delivers profound and heartfelt messages from a wonderful artist who is going through alot right now.

I think her works need an appreciation and a platform to showcase her abilities and talents. So I offered a space on my blog for her.

Hope you do too😊❤❤❤

via A humble plea to every WordPress Blogger

The “Puzzle” lesson

A puzzle is a game or problem, that tests ones ingenuity or knowledge. And often at times, one is required to put pieces together in a logical way, to arrive at the correct solution. Our lives are like puzzles. We wake up each day, trying to fit each piece where it should belong.

The puzzle is quite a logistic game, but carries one of the greatest lessons to lead a successful life. Each piece of puzzle, has a significant use! None is less insignificant than the other, no matter how small it may be.

Never belittle yourself. Never underestimate yourself and never feel insecure or less confident. ..

A puzzle game may have 50-100 pieces, to be placed in the right position, to obtain the desired picture at the end. The size of each puzzle piece has nothing to do with how important it is. Whether great or small, one thing is for sure….and that is, each piece is as important as the other. In other words, simply because a piece might be bigger than the other doesn’t necessarily mean, that it should come first! Rather, each position the pieces occupy is a function of the desired outcome in mind!

The journey might seem long. Fixing the pieces of our lives aren’t as easy as it’s said. It requires patience, consistency, devotion, and hardwork.

But at the end of the tunnel, there’s always a light.


  • “YOU” are important. And you have a role to play in any society/community or place you maybe.
  • Your “Size” doesn’t matter. No matter how “small” you think you maybe, when absent out of the puzzle, the puzzle picture will never be complete.
  • Know your “position”, know your role! The world is waiting on you to play your part and take your rightful position. Only then! Would you stand out!
  • Draw inspiration from all around you. Develop a 6th sense!