Learn to Earn💵💴💶💷

We all strife towards achieving our dreams. And most often at times, because we are so consumed by this passion to achieve, we want it NOW. If there could be a way to earn without working, I think we all would choose that path…..the easier way…. We spend countless hours of the day Working…..trying as much as we can go our best, so we get paid hopefully, daily, weekly, or monthly….

Well….I’m not much of a financial master…but there’s something I have grown to learn with Earning…

A man’s worth is not measured by how much money he is in ppssession of…but how well he is financially educated. Now, I’m npt talking about reading some accounting, management. Or marketing notes…. Im not talking the “school system of financial education ” I’m talking about learning the Art of money. 

It sounds weird but money speaks. It has a language. It has principles …. There’s no at you can earn when you haent learnt that language…..

 And what is that?

Investment: Investment comes in two phases…self investment and financial investment

As easy as self investment may sound….it isn’t. Investing in one self entails alot of discipline. And at extremes, a complete change of mindset may apply. “The way we think, so we are”. When you bring yourself to the point to think rich. 

A lot of us anticipate to be rich in 5 years or so. But, we have. single income pool, and yet several expenditure outlets….. Your money drains… Its the simple rule of sowing and harvesting.

The sowing season( investment) is always tideous, stressful, demanding, and difficult. Alot is required; time, money, effort, energy, idea…. Most people at this phase will give up when they realise the seed hasn’t sprouted. Dont give up!   The harvest season( Earnings \profits) will only apply, when sowing has been made. There’s no way it could be done the other way round. ……….Minimize your liabilities (expenditures) but increase your assets (investments)

Above all…keep the right company…. Surround yourself with great men and you will be great.