Be focused, be a leader, and get yourself to the extremes

There are so many distractions that lie side by side our journey in life. We all have a destination we hope and wish to attain. But often at times, we get swayed off by these side-attractions and then we loose focus!. Focus is the ability to maintain consistency. There’s a difference between covering your journey in life and being consistent in covering that same journey. We most at times have multiple destinations. Multiple goals and dreams we wish to attain. We are allowed to dream all we can and plan on what we want. But if we do not adopt a consistent approach towards achieving these dreams….we have waisted time in the guise of dreaming.

It’s often easy saying this…but actually not really easy practising especially when you have lost all hopes when your efforts of being consistent amounts to nothing! Consistency is employed out of our comfort in the times when even our own self tell us we made a mistake. Then comes, pushing yourself to the extremes… To that point when you feel the elasticity of your life’s dreams can’t be stretched any further.

Be focused. Follow your course. You have a different purpose to what others do. No matter the hurdles, you got the power to tussle through them all as you stay focused.

Being focused entails discipline. Bringing yourself under terms set by you, and respecting them. It’s often quite easy to break or ammend rules we set! But being focused warrants us sticking to what we have as rules to get what we want. There’s no such thing as “easy always”. Tough times come amd they go. But to expirience what you wish to in life, we must become blind to the things around us.

A focused person is someone who is blind. Blind not to his dreams, but to the uneccessary distractions around him. Blind to the desire to give up when things seem not good.

Sucess entails not only discipline but hardwork as well. We all know this….But it’s a hard thing to do. When all is been said and done, you become a leader.

Who is a leader?

Okay, this amazes me so much! How many people think they’re actually leaders when they’re bosses… There’s a difference!

When I was talking about getting yourself to the extreme, I meant leaders. These are those whose gladness reside in the sucess of the other. You don’t just find it great to boss around. But you find it greater to help and serve around. Leadership has more to do with management. But in my context here, I’m trying to talk on being a leader in everything that makes you! A leader builds, develops and reproduces many other leaders! You can have all the world’s motivation in achieving what you want. But if you don’t pass on knowledge to others, it has all been a waste.

Get yourself to the extreme and be the best that you can be.