Sunday Motivation Quote

Happiness is an inside job. It is not only realised when things go right. It will amaze us to see how much strength we have when happiness makes us smile admits our pains. Happiness is not just a choice, it is a life style. You live with it, nourish it, and make it part ofContinue reading “Sunday Motivation Quote”


Family, the society, people, work, business try as much to tell us how we should be. How we should behave, and how to become the person they want us to be. Alot of things retain us from being us. What makes you different is what makes others indifferent. Our uniqness depends on those facets thatContinue reading “Be YOU”

A Letter To My Younger Self🌸🌸

Dear younger me, You were so brave, full of life and had a sixth sense to see the good in all that happened.  You could cry, but only for a moment. You never knew how, but you always believed that everything is going to be okay! Your courage and determination could be seen in yourContinue reading “A Letter To My Younger Self🌸🌸”

Be focused, be a leader, and get yourself to the extremes

There are so many distractions that lie side by side our journey in life. We all have a destination we hope and wish to attain. But often at times, we get swayed off by these side-attractions and then we loose focus!. Focus is the ability to maintain consistency. There’s a difference between covering your journeyContinue reading “Be focused, be a leader, and get yourself to the extremes”