Don’t Give up on yourself🌸🌸🌸🌸

Even if the world gives up on you….do not give up on yourself

Hello everyone!!!

It’s been over 2 months I haven’t been consistent with my posts…. I’d say as an inspirational and motivational blogger, lately I have been challenged to prove that what I say is actually what I live by…

These past few months have been within the dark shades of my very existence.

There is a lot going on…both good and ugly. Sometimes we loose the courage to fight because we have been fighting for far too long and there seem never to be a solution.

This is exactly how I felt…..

But then again there was something that struck my mind….a lesson I learnt and I am dying to share with all you:

1. The pains and tough expiriences we go through make up our sucess story. We will only have a better appreciation to life when we have failed once. It gives us a sense of accomplishment. That despite the mess I still pulled through

2. In the face of adversity the true nature of a man is revealed. It’s rather so easy to manage the good….and very demanding to manage the vice….

Do you easily give up?

Do you stop fighting??

Do you blame others for your predicament?

Be a fighter and choose not to quit on yourself…

Do not let yourself down!!!!

3. Nothing ever happens for nothing. So when the turmoils come….know they have a reason for coming…it’s up to you to find it…

4. We can’t always have it smooth. There’s no victory without failure. Pain is part of life….

But it’s up to you to see it as such or as a pushing force that determines the direction of your life

5. Never let others affect you….the moment you do, you give them control over your life.

Happy Tuesday

Much love ❤❤❤❤🌷


Have you ever been here???

When you feel you have tried all you can and there seem to be found no solution in “trying”.

When you see the other side of life hitting you so hard that you sometimes feel the urge to fight on is gone?

It’s easy to talk about succeeding because that’s the end result we all expect. But it is even more frustrating to talk about delays, failures, pains and depression because this what no one wishes for.

Life doesn’t give us our wishes all the time. But in the quest of nearly attaining these wishes, life gives us an even greater opportunity to self discover what we have as treasure.

When the will to fight on is gone, there are two (02) things we can choose to do:

  1. Choose to remain within the confines of the wall of pain,agony, frustration and despair
  2. Or, we search for what failure is trying to teach us. We become contented that we tried. We become self-reliant for the best outcomes in our lives. We realise how long we have been strong. We discover how far we have come. We see what no one else sees within us. We embrace life in a while new angle. We stay happy even when we didn’t achieve what we wanted.

This is what happens when your will to fight on is gone:

When your will to fight on is gone, it is not because you have become weak that you can no longer fight.

It’s not because you have realised you cannot do it.

It’s not because you have realised that your efforts in that relationship is worthless.

Neither because you feel you have tried being loved and couldn’t find one.

Rather, you have come to realize that its not every battle that is yours to fight.

There are somethings we need not fight for because they don’t belong to us. No matter how hard you try, you need to realise this other side of truth.

I realised that man has a potential power that we haven’t yet been able to understand.

We don’t give up

Even in the midst of the pain and the wasted feeling we get…..and even when we say with words of mouth that we can’t rise again above the mess we are in, deep within us lie the urge to be better. This is what we are.


When the urge to fight on is gone, know you aren’t weak!

Know you are strong!

In your failures, search for the victory!

When the will to fight on is gone….

Search for what is yours to fight for….

Facing your Giants

Fear is the outcome of self doubt. Con trary to confidence. It’s the thought of….”what if things go wrong?”. It’s an unwanted feeling and an undesirable one at that but inevitable. It springs forth from us, yet we have that power to overcome them.

But why do we fear?…

We are afraid when outcomes are unknown and unpredictable. We become afraid when we have little or no confidence in ourselves.

However, getting through fear is a skill that anyone can learn. And I would probably say there is no general way to overcoming fears. It’s relative. At a more individualistic level, each person has this self devising strategy to battle fear.

We can’t live without fear, bc it’s an emotion. It is what makes us human. However, we can subdue it, not to blur our vision of what we tend to realize.

The problem most faced at this point is that most people cling to their fears, because it’s part of who they are.

There are two options: Facing our fears, or running away from them.

How to Start Overcoming Fear

1. Have that awareness:

We need to bring ourselves to the point of realising that fear destroys, it stagnates and it regresses our progress.

2. Identify your fears:

Know what makes you scared. What limits you. If you can’t identify your fears you can’t challenge them.

3. Challenge your fears:

As difficult as it may sound, the best way to overcome your enemy is not to run away from it but to face it. Start doing what makes you scared. Start acting upon that dream you think it’s too daring. Do one thing everyday that scares you. High achievers, regardless of occupation, understand that taking risks and massive action is a vital part in getting from where you are to where you want to go. And that goes for in life — and in business. But often these risks are met with fear, which can cause people to question their ambitions and prevent them from taking action.

The lion is not the king of the jungle because it’s large. There are larger animals than it. It is because, it is not afraid to dare….

We have that power to defeat our fears and not let it get the best of us. And above all believe conquers fear. More than anything in the world, faith and believe ward off fear and renders it meaningless.

Fighting against all odds

I’ll fight to the very last breath I have…”
We fight odds every single day of our lives. These odds are sometimes thrown at us from without….But I think the greatest odds are those from within.
I grew up hearing that a stab in the back made by an acquaintance is nothing compared to a stab in the face made by those you love.
Odds are anything that stands in your way to getting where you want to be. To some, these odds are habits, I mean…nasty ones, to others, these odds are family. This sounds quite weird but there’s a time unacceptable truth slaps you, right in the face to accept it. To others, these odds are enemies.
At times these odds just come pushing, and pushing you so hard, that you feel the strength you thought you had, is nothing compared to the wasted feeling you get of yourself_The hurts.
And then you cry, till you groan. That feeling of pain sterming right from your heart. “And then you cry not because you are weak…but because you have been strong for too long”
I am currently going through what I’ll call the worst phase of my life. A time where a mix of hard decisions are starring right in my face. A time where I self evaluate myself and realise certain truths, I’ll want to call them lies.
Have you ever been there, when you refuse the reality of things??
I just want to wake up and feel the lines of my life falling into pleasant places. But that’s not what I see now. I’m fighting my odds. So hard, that I loose my motivation to fight.
I write motivational posts….but I have been in situations where my drive and determination that I thought I had, failed me.
Then I’m still left with myself. Just “ME”. Looking at me and myself. I still have to do what I can….even when I can’t do it. I still need to press on…even when I don’t know where I’m going to have such strength to move on….
It is a battle within my life. I’m fighting a fight that requires strength. But I don’t know where I’m going to have that!
What’s my lesson?

I often hear people say don’t cry….be strong….
But I’ll tell you…cry…and cry…out all you’ve got. Cry out the pain, that helpless feeling, that stress, those worries…..Get angry…not at yourself…but at where you are.
For in your anger of where you are will stern the courage you need to fight with for a better you.
There are no odds you can’t defeat….
I say these to myself. I motivate myself
Because I have learnt, that we never stop learning.
As you fight on remember, you are your coach. The victory lies within you…search it and you’ll find it.

Love you all ❤❤❤❤❤


A Letter To My Younger Self🌸🌸

Dear younger me,
You were so brave, full of life and had a sixth sense to see the good in all that happened.  You could cry, but only for a moment. You never knew how, but you always believed that everything is going to be okay!
Your courage and determination could be seen in your smiles everyday. Every single day was cherished. And if there was anything you ever believed in so strongly was yourself, which you did all the time.
While sleeping, you let your worries slip through you. And slept with such comfort that, even the midnight angels wondered on your courage.
You had no broad idea about life, yet you had to key to suceed in life. You saw everything as been possible, acheivable.  You doubted less, cried for a moment and next, giggled it out.
You could ignore anything that didn’t suit the mood you wanted to be in. You dreamt all the dreams you carried inside of you. You envisaged what you wanted to become when you get older. You saw it so clear, that it wasn’t blurred with fear, insecurity and doubt. You never knew how, but you believed it will come to pass.
You carried yourself with so much trust and confidence in those you loved. Till the point where, you never worried yourself if they will be able to provide for you. All you knew inside of you was, “My food’s gonna be on the table soon”, “I’m starting school soon”… You knew things come to those who believed.
You knew you wanted to become great! And you had so much faith in yourself that you will. You focused on what you wanted and not what you thought wasn’t going to be what you wanted.

Now, years have creeped in, and I’m lot older. There are facets about you that I miss. I thought my growth was applied to all levels. But that isn’t the case. I fear more, more sensitive to failure than I am to sucess.  I am so drained in my fear of failure that I have loosed my focus on life’s beauty. I smile, but at same time, I think on my problems. I have grown. As I had always wished to. But I realise there are phases in my life that needs the younger me. So I guess, my lessons are not ended. My point of referral is not on outsource references. I will refer to you and learn the most of which I couldn’t.
Hope to learn from you soon. As you walk in the shadows of my past, I’ll get a right to take steps back, to aim for a great leap into my future.
With much love❤❤❤


We move on in life. But there are times we need a stop, and a rethink. We might be suprised, that the best teacher in your life, is you. There’s no other person who knows you better than you.

THE MAN FROM WITHIN(The battlefield of the mind)

Today, I wish to talk on the man from within. We are more to what the eye see. Everyone who’s living is either an actor or an actress. We act  by what life throws at  us. Life gives us a plot and we develop our various characters and traits. We tend to wear a smile on our faces, but our hearts lurks with tears. We say all is well, when it’s definetly not. We are at constant battle and war  with the man within. The real “YOU”. We desire and wish to be in control of things but we find ourselves being incapacitated. We think to ourselves there’s something missing, yet we can’t find. True, it’s said man is a thinking being. But these thoughts that crop in mind daily places us at various war fronts. We battle with decisions within ourselves everyday, seeking the ultimate good. 
I am one good of a thinker. There are times when the disc in my mind goes playing. I start to ask myself questions, my worries keep going on a rise, then I battle within.

“Will problems ever cease”

It’s a definite NO. Relatively, I don’t think they’ll ever end. Our thoughts will never end. The constant battle will never end. But we got an edge over all these.
There sitting in the lonely boxed up corner in you head, you lack words, you seem to loose it. It’s like you are booting up.This is the real man. I would say the real you, is that person behind closed doors, when no none is aware of your presence, when no one sees you. You face yourself, looking through the eyes of your mind.


Am I going to make it?
How will I do this?
What am I to do?
What’s the way out?
Alot of questions that beckons answers probe our minds. We search and search but yet seem never to find. Even if we did find it, it’s not good enough. What then? Are we doomed to continously live these?
No still, we weren’t fashioned for this. I believe we were created with the will. That part of our being that has the decission making power to withstand the darts that prick our mind. These dark moments are there, Certained!!! But we have the choice to think right.


There has been lots of societal pressure as well as work pressure, or still peer pressure, why not relationship pressure. Truth is we live handling pressures all around us. But yet we still stand tall!. We are stronger than what we think we are.
It’s your choice, to end up whatever way you want. We make the decision to be where we Wanna be in life. When it comes wrong, we make it right….That’s the beauty to life. That each time there’s a twist in the story line of our lives, we get a way to fix it. Remember we are actors,  we make things happen!!
We have been smashed down, but we’re not destroyed. It’s just for a moment. We may be living at constant war within that breaks us, but it’s only at the broken points where we become stronger!


Life gives us so many punches that we get to forget the easier and sweeter part of life. Dwell on the things that make you happy. Prepare for the battle because, they will always come! Appreciate the best times. Be thankful for life, when it throws you stones, use them to harvest fruits…

Learn to Earn💵💴💶💷

We all strife towards achieving our dreams. And most often at times, because we are so consumed by this passion to achieve, we want it NOW. If there could be a way to earn without working, I think we all would choose that path…..the easier way…. We spend countless hours of the day Working…..trying as much as we can go our best, so we get paid hopefully, daily, weekly, or monthly….

Well….I’m not much of a financial master…but there’s something I have grown to learn with Earning…

A man’s worth is not measured by how much money he is in ppssession of…but how well he is financially educated. Now, I’m npt talking about reading some accounting, management. Or marketing notes…. Im not talking the “school system of financial education ” I’m talking about learning the Art of money. 

It sounds weird but money speaks. It has a language. It has principles …. There’s no at you can earn when you haent learnt that language…..

 And what is that?

Investment: Investment comes in two phases…self investment and financial investment

As easy as self investment may sound….it isn’t. Investing in one self entails alot of discipline. And at extremes, a complete change of mindset may apply. “The way we think, so we are”. When you bring yourself to the point to think rich. 

A lot of us anticipate to be rich in 5 years or so. But, we have. single income pool, and yet several expenditure outlets….. Your money drains… Its the simple rule of sowing and harvesting.

The sowing season( investment) is always tideous, stressful, demanding, and difficult. Alot is required; time, money, effort, energy, idea…. Most people at this phase will give up when they realise the seed hasn’t sprouted. Dont give up!   The harvest season( Earnings \profits) will only apply, when sowing has been made. There’s no way it could be done the other way round. ……….Minimize your liabilities (expenditures) but increase your assets (investments)

Above all…keep the right company…. Surround yourself with great men and you will be great.

Cleave to the Sunshine and not the shadows..

Reality and fiction. Truth and lies. Good and bad. Right and wrong……its all left for you to decide. Life is full of choices. And many times we chase after the shadows, remain in the sphere of dreams, without the realization of our goals_these are all shadows…… 

We need the “sun”, we need light to shine on that obscure path leading to our dreams. We need certainty to clear off every iota of doubt lingering in our hearts.

Figuratively, the word “sunshine” means understanding. Proper understanding of your goals lead to its proper implementation.

Time waits for no  one. Its now or never to make the right decision.

Thanksgiving 💕 & Friday Quotes💭

Hello friends,

Here are some inspired quotes I wish to share with each and everyone of you. I would really say, being a blogger for over 3 months I have met wonderful bloggers and friends I would call. You all have been a source of encouragement to me. And I really wish to be same to you all.💗💖💖💕

I woke up feeling grateful in my heart that you all have given me a platform where I can show off what I think is the best. Sometimes I write with some uncertainties but your replies give me so much joy and fulfillment. My heart goes out to all of you.

I scribbled down a couple of quotes which gorged out of me early this morning. When I was writing them out in my diary, then I felt the need to share.


For everything we wish to receive, we should be able to reflect the attitude which is needed. Always stay positive, your attitude will lead you to greater opportunities..


Love is all you need. It is all the world needs. We crave to love and be loved. Wherever need be, show little acts of love. For it has the power to brighten up every situation.


Cherish every moment. Through the hills and valleys, the ups and downs. The tough and good times. For in everything there’s a lesson to learn.


You got the decision power to be what you wanna be in any given life situation. Its all left for you to make the right choice. Decide to be a wonder to many and a source of inspiration💕

My heart goes out to all of you. With lots of love💖💖…. Thanks for taking out time to read and have a wonderful week end ahead.