Tuesday Motiva-Quote


Let our actions in a day add up to realizing our dreams set before us. Our actions are seeds we sow. And we’ll only reap the benefits of our hardwork “tomorrow”. So whatever you do, it’s being done unto yourself. Act right, you reap right…☝
Stay happy and confident!!

Fighting against all odds

I’ll fight to the very last breath I have…”
We fight odds every single day of our lives. These odds are sometimes thrown at us from without….But I think the greatest odds are those from within.
I grew up hearing that a stab in the back made by an acquaintance is nothing compared to a stab in the face made by those you love.
Odds are anything that stands in your way to getting where you want to be. To some, these odds are habits, I mean…nasty ones, to others, these odds are family. This sounds quite weird but there’s a time unacceptable truth slaps you, right in the face to accept it. To others, these odds are enemies.
At times these odds just come pushing, and pushing you so hard, that you feel the strength you thought you had, is nothing compared to the wasted feeling you get of yourself_The hurts.
And then you cry, till you groan. That feeling of pain sterming right from your heart. “And then you cry not because you are weak…but because you have been strong for too long”
I am currently going through what I’ll call the worst phase of my life. A time where a mix of hard decisions are starring right in my face. A time where I self evaluate myself and realise certain truths, I’ll want to call them lies.
Have you ever been there, when you refuse the reality of things??
I just want to wake up and feel the lines of my life falling into pleasant places. But that’s not what I see now. I’m fighting my odds. So hard, that I loose my motivation to fight.
I write motivational posts….but I have been in situations where my drive and determination that I thought I had, failed me.
Then I’m still left with myself. Just “ME”. Looking at me and myself. I still have to do what I can….even when I can’t do it. I still need to press on…even when I don’t know where I’m going to have such strength to move on….
It is a battle within my life. I’m fighting a fight that requires strength. But I don’t know where I’m going to have that!
What’s my lesson?

I often hear people say don’t cry….be strong….
But I’ll tell you…cry…and cry…out all you’ve got. Cry out the pain, that helpless feeling, that stress, those worries…..Get angry…not at yourself…but at where you are.
For in your anger of where you are will stern the courage you need to fight with for a better you.
There are no odds you can’t defeat….
I say these to myself. I motivate myself
Because I have learnt, that we never stop learning.
As you fight on remember, you are your coach. The victory lies within you…search it and you’ll find it.

Love you all ❤❤❤❤❤


Fulfilment in little Acts

Reading through some lessons today and trying to scribble down some lessons to share. I found out, some secrets to leading a successful life.

Success is the ability to do “the best” of what you can. This therefore means, success has no universal definition Because what you consider success to another might be mistaken for a failure. In other words, whatever you do and feel fulfilled doing it! That’s success to you. Don’t let others define your lines of success.

I have read one, and one too many books on success in business and I see a repetition of some core values anyone wishing to succeed should posses. They are:

  1. setting realistic goals
  2. Consistency
  3. Devotion
  4. Passion
  5. Willingness yo increase in knowledge
  6. Finance management etcetc

All these and more are very important factors that when appropriately practised will lead to one succeeding.

Nonetheless, causes of success I have learnt, are self generated. Positive actions in whatever thing we do leads us to sucess. Success is being fulfilled and feeling fulfilled in whatever thing we do.

Success is not measured by the size of your acts. It is by the complete involvement of oneself into it to attain a desired outcome. Swami Sivananda once said, putting your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts is the secret to success.

What interests me is the word “smallest acts”. This means success is not only implemented on what we often call “great acts”. Top notch business men and women learnt this principle. They never despised the days of their little beginnings.

Businesses do not just turn out big. They follow the law of progressive growth. If we need a successful business, we need to focus on the foundation. To give in our all even when others think its not worth it.