Have you ever been here???

When you feel you have tried all you can and there seem to be found no solution in “trying”.

When you see the other side of life hitting you so hard that you sometimes feel the urge to fight on is gone?

It’s easy to talk about succeeding because that’s the end result we all expect. But it is even more frustrating to talk about delays, failures, pains and depression because this what no one wishes for.

Life doesn’t give us our wishes all the time. But in the quest of nearly attaining these wishes, life gives us an even greater opportunity to self discover what we have as treasure.

When the will to fight on is gone, there are two (02) things we can choose to do:

  1. Choose to remain within the confines of the wall of pain,agony, frustration and despair
  2. Or, we search for what failure is trying to teach us. We become contented that we tried. We become self-reliant for the best outcomes in our lives. We realise how long we have been strong. We discover how far we have come. We see what no one else sees within us. We embrace life in a while new angle. We stay happy even when we didn’t achieve what we wanted.

This is what happens when your will to fight on is gone:

When your will to fight on is gone, it is not because you have become weak that you can no longer fight.

It’s not because you have realised you cannot do it.

It’s not because you have realised that your efforts in that relationship is worthless.

Neither because you feel you have tried being loved and couldn’t find one.

Rather, you have come to realize that its not every battle that is yours to fight.

There are somethings we need not fight for because they don’t belong to us. No matter how hard you try, you need to realise this other side of truth.

I realised that man has a potential power that we haven’t yet been able to understand.

We don’t give up

Even in the midst of the pain and the wasted feeling we get…..and even when we say with words of mouth that we can’t rise again above the mess we are in, deep within us lie the urge to be better. This is what we are.


When the urge to fight on is gone, know you aren’t weak!

Know you are strong!

In your failures, search for the victory!

When the will to fight on is gone….

Search for what is yours to fight for….

At the cross road of life

We are on the second day of the month of October 2018. A month we have never lived in before. There are alot of expectations we have in mind and wish for it to be fulfilled within this month. We feel pressure to accomplish set projects that lie ahead of us. But cross road points in our lives are inevitable. The cross road of the right or wrong decision, the cross road of choice.

Life itself is a choice. The very moment we live, we chose to live and not die.

As long as we live, we will encounter decision making times in our lives which will leave us confused. But we have as duty to follow our hearts and instincts. Growing up, my dad always told me……”The heart never lies”. It might be the seat of various emotions we display, but they are displayed in truth and in all purity.

There’s alot around us that beckons answers. There are times when we live our lives and we need a stop to rethink how far we have lived and see how much we have accomplished.

We then get into a state a delimma, caught in between the Web of confusion.

What can I do?……. I’m I on the right path? …….Did I make a mistake?…… I’m I failing?……

We can’t afford to live life, because we had the chance to live. The essence of life is not living it. It is fulfilling it.

We can’t avoid decision making points in our lives. We can’t deny that in life’s journey, there will be times when we need to make a U-turn or keep pressing on the path we have chosen. No matter who we are and what we are. Because this is what makes life worth living. When your everyday amounts to the best version of you someday.

Others would say there parameters by which one can discover what decision is right and which, is wrong. But I think there’s no such thing as that. Somehow somewhere deep within us lie a force of greater good and a sense of right decision making. Others call it the conscience, some say it’s the instinct. It tells us what’s right from wrong. What’s good or bad.

But come what may,

whatever decision we make,

the right or the wrong,

there’s always a story to say.

Have faith in yourself always❤🌸