The man in the Mirror

We all take a look at the mirror, to conduct an appraisal of ourselves. We take a look at the mirror, to perfect any imperfection, to set right what Was wrong. To take off what isn’t needed, and add that which is relevant.At the end of it all, what we have is “the desired result” we have so long sought for!. 

A successful live, in whatever domain rests upon the foundation of selfevaluation, advice, patience, consistency and focus. What matters is not the distance of the journey, because sometimes we so much get lost in the pleasures of fulfilling our dreams and yet forget the lessons it brings. What matters most is what we encounter, the experiences we have in making that journey. 

It is the duty of every man with the desire to lead a successful life, to always look ” at the man in the mirror ” Are you what you want to be? Have you fulfilled your dreams? Where did you go wrong? What was lacking?…

As one ponders over these self evaluating questions, we get a clearer view of what e want to be. The dark clouds of doubts and fear are cleared away by the shining light of courage, and self discovery.

The Mystery of the Puzzle

A puzzle is a game or problem, that tests ones ingenuity or knowledge. And often at times, one is required to put pieces together in a logical way, to arrive at the correct solution.

Every man dreams of one thing! And that’s to be successful, in the passion-driven aspect of their lives. But more often than not, we become limited because, we “see” ourselves as not being able.

The puzzle is quite a logistic game, but carries one of the greatest lessons to lead a successful life. Each piece of puzzle, has a significant use! None is less insignificant than the other, no matter how small it may be.

Sometimes. A puzzle game may have 50-100 pieces, to be placed in the right position, to obtain the desired picture at the end. The size of each puzzle, is not a determining factor of the its placement. In other words, simply because a piece might be bigger than the other doesn’t necessarily mean, that it should come first! Rather, each position the pieces occupy is a function of the desired outcome in mind!


  • “YOU” are important. And you have a role to play in any society/community or place you maybe.
  • Your “Size” doesn’t matter. No matter how “small” you think you maybe, when absent out of the puzzle, the puzzle picture will never be complete.
  • Know your “position”, know your role! The world is waiting on you to play your part and take your rightful position. Only then! Would you stand out!
  • Draw inspiration from all around you. Develop a 6th sense!

Little beginnings….

Have you ever desired to start a business, project, an orphanage, an NGO and thought to yourself that you can’t do it?? I have….. Many times…. I have had dreams and goals and visions that I really want to establish but I could not…. 

The lack of finance, the fear of being exposed to a competitive business atmosphere, the thought of not having sufficient and adequate training on business made me worry all the more. 

But I realised one thing, in life, we often look at the ” dream”, the goals, the visions we have set before us, but we forget we need a “step”.  No matter how big your dream is, it will never realise when you don’t make a step. It takes a step.

When I was climbing the stairs today, I noticed I had an aim to get to my room. I never wanted to take the stairs because I had a sprain…..but I had to…because that was the “only way”. And as I climbed, I learned and incredible lesson as I thought to myself:

Success is not how much wealth one acquires, rather, it is virtue, it is consistency in pursuing your goals. Success is believing that you can and that you are capable of doing what you want. That! is the power that drives you to your dream. To me, wealth is the end result of success….

 As I thought these through, I felt some inner peace and hope you do too….