“A sucessful Mindset will lead to a successful business. “ In order to build the right small business infrastructure, you must think strategically — that’s having a business mindset. Thats the same way you need to think if you must win a thug of war. You need strategies. Here are seven examples of having aContinue reading “BUSINESS MINDSET, A THUG OF WAR.”

Learn to Earn💵💴💶💷

We all strife towards achieving our dreams. And most often at times, because we are so consumed by this passion to achieve, we want it NOW. If there could be a way to earn without working, I think we all would choose that path…..the easier way…. We spend countless hours of the day Working…..trying asContinue reading “Learn to Earn💵💴💶💷”

Do something new🎆

We all have dreams, goals, objectives we have set before us. We all have that dream self employing business we wish to start up. We have drawn knowledge from both schooling and experience. We read books over and over and over again. And at some point, we work. Working what everyone else is working. SoonerContinue reading “Do something new🎆”