The world was calm,

The world was beautiful,

And a peaceful melody dressed the world in a beautiful array,

Yet you rigged and ripped it of it’s glory,

And damped it’s garment in the pool of tears,

Collected from the eyes of those who abide in it.

Strong we thought we were,

Yet you exposed the vulnerability of the human race,

Leaving us wondering, panicking, anxious and depressed.

In a day you came,

But your effects remain,

Leaving the world caged within the confines of its deepest fears and losses.

Heroes emerge,

Legends depart,

Wars are waged,

Fears tried to be caged,

Wisdom applied,

Knowledge tested…..

Yet the world still is left at the stage of vulnerability.

Efforts are failing,

Strength is loosing,

Power and influence no longer a pride,

Leaving us but with the desire to cry

Yet you keep exposing our vulnerability.

As a virus you came,

But you understood the vulnerability of men,

And metamorphosed in to fear reflecting our greatest weakness,

Gripping our mental strength,

And cagging us within the limits of our very emotions.

Some say it’s a biological battle,

But you know it’s a battle to test the strength of humanity,

Years have come and gone,

And you keep being reborn in every century,

Leaving same footprints in the sands of time.

But a virus you are,

And in you is revealed your greatest weakness,

You and I, small to what you think you can do,

But greater to destroy what you have done.

So but for a moment rejoice,

Because the world stands together,

Stronger than ever,

Determined and focused,

Even after several punches of death,




Just like the Phoenix,

We emerge stronger after every rebirth,

We are coming for you!!!!