What do you see (Part II)

When I stumbled on this picture today, then I understood that people react to what they’ve lived, seen and experienced. And whatever ones conclusion might be we shouldn’t be quick to judge, because we haven’t yet seen or experience all what they have.
Simply because you’re right on your views and perceptions, doesn’t make the other wrong. People respond base on what they see…their perception of life. Therefore, instead of spending much time judging and refuting others point of view in life, let each express what holds to them.

Each person’s view is a precious gem the world needs. Its high time we broaden our view and perception of life. Then we’ll see how much opportunity the world has.🌸🎀Narrow mindedness blocks out ability to discover what lies ahead of us. We become as a square peck in a square hole.

Be Different!!!

We live in societies where many grew up following already laid down believes and get into the stereotypical way of doing things. And once you find yourself following another course, there’s a problem with you. You’re simply being different.

It doesn’t matter how many people are involved in doing what “everyone does“, it suffices that you stand out different, singled out amongst many.

When I was growing up, I always had the passion to read Mass communication at the University. But I was found “ridiculous” even by my parents…. This sounds kind of awkward because parents are to be our number 1 source of support. But that wasn’t the case for me.

I found myself motivating myself to study what I wanted because there was no one to do so for me. It musn’t be about people!!!. Its not about pleasing people, doing what they want. Its about YOU. What your passion drives at! 

So its OK if you’re staring up that project and everyone’s telling you it makes no sense. To me, it makes more sense beacause everyone else is doing the ordinary but you are doing the extraordinary. Its a gem to be extraordinary🎆

I live in a country where employment upon completion of studies is as rare as water in a desert. The programme I so much desire to study was one hell of a profession which was pretty hard to get a job. It was a risk I took. But I followed my passion. 

Times when I felt the weight of fear on me with no one by my side telling me I did the right thing, I often burst into tears. Crying became the order of the day in my life at that point. Because, I felt standing alone. I never knew then that I was just being different!!!!

 So many thoughts ran through my mind. But I remained firm on my decission. And today, I reap the fruits of being persistent in my course! And chosen to be different.

Its risky to take up risks but it is worth it🌸Wherever we find ourselves, we should build and create. 

Opportunities will never step at your doorpost! You rather make creative steps towards them. 

If you find yourself in a broken situation, you build. You are special and wonderful just the way you are….

Love and cheers🌸💕

You got everything you need!!!

“When it seems we have lost all faith, look deep within yourself and then you will find the answer……”

Music is food for the soul

Its so amazing how the lyrics of a song speaks to ones mind and brings out the best in them…. 

Everyone in the world has question that beckons answers….. We feel the thread of pain, happiness, sorrow, joy, and in times of loss we wonder if we really made the right decissions. Tears stream down our eyes, pain lurks within our hearts, and questions probe our mind. Often than not, we are on a rush to seek answers…… Answers that’d relieve us of the weight of circumstances. But the answer we so much seek, lies just close….in our hearts💖. Its left for you to believe that you can, and you will!!!🌸🌸

You are more than enough to live a happy life. God has endowed us with a limitless self discovery potential. We are deep than what we think we are….so full of the wonders and beauties of life. Its not about THEM, its about YOU

Each and every heart has a language, it talks to us, and encourages us. Our hearts tells us the truth that at times we wouldn’t want to believe because, what our eyes see is quite different from what it tells us.

There’s no time to waste on crying..😢, make the most of your time believing and then you will find that deep long awaited smile and laughter..😄 because your dreams are calling on you, waiting on you to grab them.

Stir up the faith in yourself as you listen to Believe_Josh Groban🌸

Love you all💗💗💖

Listen to Believe – Josh Groban by muller #np on #SoundCloud