Mystery in my words: Award Nomination

I am so delighted and happy! I was nominated by Jill, owner of the site “Cats out the box”. Thank you so much Jill, for your constant read and contribution. Cats out of the Boxis a very interesting site filled with life expiriences, inspiring and motivating posts! You may want to check and discover it’sContinue reading “Mystery in my words: Award Nomination”

Relationship Goals! Wednesday Motivational Quotes💪❤❤

Today has been a wonderful day and as I witnessed this day come by I had these lessons probing my mind. I hope you enjoy as you share in with my deepest thoughts and lessons learnt! Here’s the first lesson: Sometimes what we need is that distance. That silence, that gap, to finally realise andContinue reading “Relationship Goals! Wednesday Motivational Quotes💪❤❤”

Musings of the Heart

You deserve better… Far beyond what is expressed on the letter… You put in your love and heart to it… But sometimes you feel that feeling isn’t it… Never be disappointed you let love grow in your heart… Even when you can’t hear the fine echoes resonating from the heart of the one you love…Continue reading “Musings of the Heart”

A humble plea to every WordPress Blogger

Hello fellow bloggers, I got to come across a set of beautiful art work which delivers profound and heartfelt messages from a wonderful artist who is going through alot right now. I think her works need an appreciation and a platform to showcase her abilities and talents. So I offered a space on my blogContinue reading “A humble plea to every WordPress Blogger”

Blogger Recognition Award #2

I’m so happy and it feels so good when there is someone somewhere who appreciates and reads the words you put together. I just want to say a huge thanks to the owner of the site idealideas for nominating me for this award. You would probably want to check out her blog. She writes greatContinue reading “Blogger Recognition Award #2”

THE MAN FROM WITHIN(The battlefield of the mind)

Today, I wish to talk on the man from within. We are more to what the eye see. Everyone who’s living is either an actor or an actress. We act  by what life throws at  us. Life gives us a plot and we develop our various characters and traits. We tend to wear a smileContinue reading “THE MAN FROM WITHIN(The battlefield of the mind)”

Look at where you are!!!

We never know how strong we are till we face challenges…..we never know how far we have gone till we look behind and catch a glimpse of where we were. Only then will we better appreciate where we are. It doesn’t suffice to say you’ve tried and nothing’s done. In your little efforts lies theContinue reading “Look at where you are!!!”

Not what you have but who you have

Today February 14th, the world celebrates love. In my country Cameroon it is characterised by exchange of gifts between loved ones, friends, and family. Its such a beautiful scene to see……when love is expressed. People were meant to be loved and things used…but the reason for the many problems we encounter in life today isContinue reading “Not what you have but who you have”

You are Beautiful (Part II)

Hit by the many waves of life, languishing in tears over loved ones gone, feeling broken due to broken trust, feeling helpless when in need of help…….are the one and one too many despairs and painful moods and feelings we often find ourself in daily. But all these do not amount or cannot be comparedContinue reading “You are Beautiful (Part II)”

Who Am I?

A question we all ask ourselves at that point, when we seek to know more of our identity…….There’s a lot of work that has been made on your life. There’s a lot of investment done to produce the wonderful person that you are. Time has been invested. Years have done and gone with each passingContinue reading “Who Am I?”