If tears could bring you back…

Love while we still can, like we have never done before. Both small and great, old and young. Once someone’s gone, we can’t express our love towards them. Let’s make the most of the time we have…and make every dark day seem bright. So while we still have time, we care for those who areContinue reading “If tears could bring you back…”

Your Attitude will Determine your Altitude…

Here’s a little “morningvation” for us all. The attitude start with in the morning, determines how our day will be. That’s the power of a positive mindframe. The attitude we potray faced with adversity will determine how high we will overcome that problem. Truth is, life’s good. But that doesn’t mean because life’s good…..there’s theContinue reading “Your Attitude will Determine your Altitude…”

Not what you have but who you have

Today February 14th, the world celebrates love. In my country Cameroon it is characterised by exchange of gifts between loved ones, friends, and family. Its such a beautiful scene to see……when love is expressed. People were meant to be loved and things used…but the reason for the many problems we encounter in life today isContinue reading “Not what you have but who you have”

Learn to Earn💵💴💶💷

We all strife towards achieving our dreams. And most often at times, because we are so consumed by this passion to achieve, we want it NOW. If there could be a way to earn without working, I think we all would choose that path…..the easier way…. We spend countless hours of the day Working…..trying asContinue reading “Learn to Earn💵💴💶💷”

You are Beautiful (Part II)

Hit by the many waves of life, languishing in tears over loved ones gone, feeling broken due to broken trust, feeling helpless when in need of help…….are the one and one too many despairs and painful moods and feelings we often find ourself in daily. But all these do not amount or cannot be comparedContinue reading “You are Beautiful (Part II)”

Tuesday Quote: Perseverance

When we loose hope in waiting, we loose the reason for which we are waiting. Its not how long you spend waiting to acheive your goal, what matters is, “have you acheived it?”. It might take years, but that doesn’t mean you won’t acheive. Failure in achieving what we want comes in when feeling failContinue reading “Tuesday Quote: Perseverance”

Cleave to the Sunshine and not the shadows..

Reality and fiction. Truth and lies. Good and bad. Right and wrong……its all left for you to decide. Life is full of choices. And many times we chase after the shadows, remain in the sphere of dreams, without the realization of our goals_these are all shadows……  We need the “sun”, we need light to shineContinue reading “Cleave to the Sunshine and not the shadows..”