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  • Its a New Dawn

    A year like no other, A time which has never been, I set my goals to go further, And pursue all of my dreams. Its time to plant now, Its another time to sow, Working to reap my dreams, Hoping to have a win.

  • Do something new🎆

    We all have dreams, goals, objectives we have set before us. We all have that dream self employing business we wish to start up. We have drawn knowledge from both schooling and experience. We read books over and over and over again. And at some point, we work. Working what everyone else is working. Sooner […]


  • Tuesday Quote: Perseverance

    When we loose hope in waiting, we loose the reason for which we are waiting. Its not how long you spend waiting to acheive your goal, what matters is, “have you acheived it?”. It might take years, but that doesn’t mean you won’t acheive. Failure in achieving what we want comes in when feeling fail […]

  • Cleave to the Sunshine and not the shadows..

    Reality and fiction. Truth and lies. Good and bad. Right and wrong……its all left for you to decide. Life is full of choices. And many times we chase after the shadows, remain in the sphere of dreams, without the realization of our goals_these are all shadows……  We need the “sun”, we need light to shine […]

  • Thanksgiving 💕 & Friday Quotes💭

    Thanksgiving 💕 & Friday Quotes💭

    Hello friends, Here are some inspired quotes I wish to share with each and everyone of you. I would really say, being a blogger for over 3 months I have met wonderful bloggers and friends I would call. You all have been a source of encouragement to me. And I really wish to be same […]

  • Be Different!!!

    Be Different!!!

    while others are ordinary, be extraordinary

  • One Lovely Blogger Award

    This month of September has been a wonderful one as far as blogging is to me. Just been nominated for the “Liebster Awards”, here comes another marvel_ the “One Lovely Blogger Awards“. I have grown rich in expirience, skills and above all in meeting wonderful bloggers that you are via this platform. I have learnt […]

  • Liebster Award- Get to know me more…

    Liebster Award- Get to know me more…

    Hello friends!!!! Today, marks a remarkable day in my blogging life….. Being a start-up blogger, this achievement means alot to me. Earlier today I was nominated by Nishtha Shukla for the Liebster Awards, 2017.  (Click on the link to know more about her). Thanks Nishta Shukla for believing I am worth the nomination. She is just an […]