3 Most Impactful Initiatives I came across in 2018

One of the things I find most intriguing in living, is meeting up with people who think hopeful, who see further and who let change to be expressed through them to the world.

The journey of our lives is powered by the wheel of hope. A far greater expectation that Tomorrow will be better than today…..

But to those who understand the times, seize the opportunity, see the glory in the fall and the solution in the problems would always have a better tomorrow, today.

Earlier this year I was invited in Nigeria by my very good friends CEO of The Adekoya Godwin Leader’s Hub, to give out a motivational talk on Self discipline to some Nigerian youths…and there I learnt something worthwhile

Sucess is not the enmassing of wealth but it’s a mental transformation, and personal satisfaction in life. It occurs when we love what we do, find solace in it and use it to inspire lives

So here comes the list of 3 most inspiring youth Initiatives I came in contact with:

1. YOSDOC: (Your service Dot Com)

A budding but massive organisation located in the Central part of Africa precisely in the country Cameroon, is a life changing Non-profit Organization. Having as aim to impact the lives of youths not just within the localities of the nation itself, but world wide, is this Initiative which seeks to raise a skilled set of contemporary business tycoons in the African continent.

I happened to have had a talk with the CEO (Boh Clovis Nguea)of this organization and the rationls for starting this organization was based on the fundamental problem most African countries are facing.

When youths upon completion of studies step out to gain jobs, they’re always asked of working experience. Yet, they’re not given a platform to gain these expiriences…..this is where YOSDOC comes in

Recently in 2019, just after a year of full operations, YOSDOC birthed NGUEA 2N BUSINESS Enterprise to provide the Cameroonian youths with luxurious platforms of gaining needed expiriences, help fashion enterpreneurs and of course provide job placements

This organization is bent on creating effective change in the seven spheres the Cameroonian Society and revamp employability rate of the country.

2. Build Dream Africa Academy:

From the Southernmost tip of the African continent to every part of the continent is the extent of the impact the Build Dream Africa Academy is creating.

Focusing on reinstating the needed educational system that provokes creativity and personal development, is the underlying reason for this organzation’s establishment. Haven understood that the fundamental cause and reason for the delayed progression of African youth is due to “misplaced education training system”. A scenario which gives birth to misplaced orientation.

I would say this Initiative was founded based on the sacred words of one of the World’s Iconic leaders Nelso Mandela who said:

Education is one of the greatest weapons that can change the world.

Alot of Africans have dreams but do not know what it takes to get there. This initiaive comes in to provide a long lasting solution to this phenomenon that has plagued our African continent for decades.

Build Dream Africa (BDA) Academy is a skills-development and capacity building institution with diverse programs for short and medium-term training.It is designed to offer space to Africa and global innovators seeking a space to hone their skillset, innovation and patent their ideas. More than ever, BDA seeks to solve global challenges; quench employers’ thirst for skills which are fit-for purpose; and offer new pathways for job creation, poverty reduction and inclusive development.

I am so happy to have met up with the Founder of Build Dream Africa Academy). Truly, his ideas are inspiring.

3. The Adekoya Godwin Leader’s Hub:

A Nigerian based but worldwide affecting initiative is the Adekoya Godwin Leader’s Hub which is bent on creating leaders and visionaries.

Adekoya Godwin believes that in every Country or Society there is need for a rebranished set of individuals who uphold the virtue of leadership in every sphere of the society. His initiative focuses on Youth Empowerment, Education and Enterpreneurship.
In a society plagued with stereotypes, Adekoya Leader’s Hub comes to break the “normal routine” which of course has become the order of the day amongst African youths and a clear reoccurrence in most African settings.

The world is in need of leaders and front liners……

The truth we must accept!

Not every reality is easy to accept! Especially when it doesn’t fall in alignment with what you expected.

There are some truths about yourself that you sometimes pray it weren’t the case. And sometimes accepting this truth hurts so bad. But doing so will only give you an opportunity to recreate a better version of yourself!

When I woke up this morning, I received a call from a very good friend. And he was outlining some areas in my life which I failed in…!!!

I really never wanted to fail in that area….but I realized I failed. And so I have been asking myself “What can I do to make this right this 2019?”

You know…it’s lot easier for us to accept what we so much crave to hear, than the things we don’t! Unfortunately, there is no way we can move forward if we do not redress the “little foxes” (failures) that pull us back…

To have thought that I tussled throughout 2018 without realizing this mistake make we wonder even more!

Sometimes, we won’t be able to see the problem. But those around us will. We need to be open minded, humble and willing to admit and take full responsibility of our mistakes and failures in life, and be ready to face it’s consequences heads on!

And so I decided to set a measurable goal to set things right again! I gave myself as dateline December 31st. And so I’m looking forward to man up and get this task done!

So I grabbed a few lessons today on what to do when the bitter truth comes knocking:

  1. Accept it: Yes…..do accept it….it’s so hard to do so…. You get that feeling of total disappointment in yourself. But you have to accept it!
  2. Do not justify: There is always a tendency to give reasons why you failed. The problem is you failed. And it’s no crime….its part of the growing process! We are not machines programmed to be 100% efficient. We are humans and we err. And so never be ashamed to admit your failure!
  3. Do not walk on the self pity lane: As funny as it seems….this is the worst of consider! You start feeling you are rejected and no one understands what happened and what made you fail. No one’s responsible for your failure but you. Shake off this misguided attitude of self grief and pity that might stop you from taking positive actions
  4. How can I fix this?: After all has been done, if this question is not asked and goals set, then there’s a problem. This is the point where you decide to wipe off failure by taking up positive actions and adopting behavioural changes to realize set goals!
  5. Take up action

Thank you all for reading❤🙌🙌🍀!!!

Mystery in my words: Award Nomination

I am so delighted and happy! I was nominated by Jill, owner of the site “Cats out the box”. Thank you so much Jill, for your constant read and contribution. Cats out of the Boxis a very interesting site filled with life expiriences, inspiring and motivating posts! You may want to check and discover it’s uniqueness and style!


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Three things about me:

  1. I am very family oriented. I dedicate my resources to care for those I love.
  2. I like team work but I can tend to love working independently at times.
  3. No matter how I get angry at someone, the sun never goes down on my anger.

1.What is one place you would like to travel to and why?

Answer: To Egypt, the place where civilization began in Africa. I have always thought there lies a lot of inspiration there!

2.What book have you read that has had the most influence on your life and why?

Answer: The battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. It teaches one how to master and conquer battles in the mind. Victory starts from the mind. Once you conceive it in mind, your actions will prove it.

3.What do you think of when you look at the stars in the night sky?

Answer: I think of the courage and motivation even nature exudes. No matter how dark the vast firmament maybe…..the tiny dazzling crystals (stars) are never afraid to shine to their very best! And they create a divine beauty in the night. We should learn from them
4.Why do you write a blog?

Answer: I blog to motivate, inspire, quicken. Most of my posts are my real life expiriences. I turn the pains into gains to motivate and inspire readers and even my own self.

5.My funny question: What sounds more appealing as a potato chip flavor: ketchup, dill pickle or salt and vinegar? Or all three? Or none of the above? Why?

Answer: Salt and Vinegar 😂😂. When having potato chip I can’t stop closing my eyes and producing a screatching sound with my teeth to get rid of the sour taste I get at the end. I guess my taste buds are super sensitive😁


My questions:

  1. What is your major strength?
  2. If you were to be given the world’s wealth, what will you do with it?
  3. What is that one thing which inspires you?
  4. How will you react to the pressures of life?
  5. Have you ever wondered how will it be if animals could actually speak our language? If yes, why would you want it to be so? ….. (weird question😂)

Congratulations to all nominees….

Keep blogging…..

Keep loving ❤❤❤🍀🍀

Leaving you all with my favourite quote of 2018.


Words convey our moods or feelings. They express us. They can build and create a wonderful feeling but they can also destroy and hurt others so bad.

Words said can never be undone. And hurtful words create a scar in the hearts of those who receive them.

In this 2019, let our words build. Let our words beautify, because, we choose what words to say. Words aren’t beautiful nor bad. But the person who says it, is.

Make a speech when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever live to regret

When we get hurt, we so want to express how we feel……and sometimes we feel we don’t deserve to be the only ones hurt. Those who hurt us must feel how we do.

In the guise of conveying how we feel, we speak out hurtful words.

Misunderstandings are solved by communicating. But doing so at the right time will create a more lasting and powerful effect.

There are some words which are better off to be left unsaid.

The best response to give when you are so upset and badly hurt is to say nothing at all

I always had it hard to deal with. But later on I realised how to overcome this weakness.

What to do when you’re hurt:

  • When hurt, don’t focus on the millions of reasons you were hurt by someone, rather, focus on why they did that ? This will provoke you to engage into a conversation to find out why?
  • Don’t explain how the person made you feel on the same day you were hurt. There is usually that tendency for you to be defensive and less rational
  • Always remember the good times you once had. To err is human but to forgive is divine. We sometimes get out of our way….but what we need is correction in love.
  • Never let your heart become a grave yard. Don’t bury things. Say out how you feel….but be wise enough to do so when you’re not angry!
  • Always remember hurting the other makes us even worst.

As we dive into 2019, let our words be better🍀🍀

Day 3 Quote: Where the melody lies.

Life is a coin with two sides. The good against the bad, the happiness against the sad moments.

Sometimes these two produce the best results ever obtained. As we keep on living, let our expiriences be a melody to everyone we share with.

I guess we can’t have happy times always but we can choose to be happy.

Day 2 Quote Challenge: “Do You”

Today’s the second day of this challenge and here’s the inspiration that woke me up at 1:00 am this morning.

The world is so large, filled with millions of different opinion holders, saying what they know and think is the best option for you. But there are times when we need to keep our ears closed from what the world says because the world is not us. We need to focus on what our heart tells us. Reading the lines of our expiriences and gaining momentum to embrace our upcoming victories.

I feel very much attached to this quote because I assembled the words out of the expiriences I got.

We always have that feeling, that desire, that yearning for people’s approval. Either from loved ones, friends, family, because we want to feel “belong“. We want to hear people tell us “you did it well”, because we feel or think approval from people is what we need to perform our optimum best!

But there are times when these approvals don’t come. You feel like……”what I have been doing…is it the best I could do?”

Yes it is! Because your best is not reliant on someone but on You.

I always say that the only person who never leaves you when things go messy or when they’re super great is you. That’s the only companion you are certained of.

So give yourself the honour of waking up each day and congratulate yourself for your achievements. You deserve it.

Happy Thursday😊❤❤❤❤

What Do You Have?: 3 Days Quote challenge, Day I

I was nominated earlier by Jill, owner of the site, Cats out of the box for a three days quote Challenge.

There are several things I have benefited throughout my blogging expirience, but one I cherish the most is, I have made lots of acquaintance who have contributed hugely to what I write and inspire me to write more.

Thanks again Jill

At the end of the day, what really belongs to you eternally?

What have you achieved?

Or what you learnt?

Sucess is beautiful. Achievements are even more.

But at the end of it all the lessons we learn give us multiple opportunities to gain further victories in life.

We can’t stop learning but we can stop achieving. But even when we don’t achieve, we learn.

At the other side of the wall….

A wall is an artificial defense mechanism put in place by man, to secure and protect what he has. It equally defines the territory or sphere of influence of the owner.

But we’ll be looking at the wall, not as a protective mechanism, but as a barrier. To be more precised, a mental barrier.

At the other side of the wall, we have a world we have dreamt of for so long. Yet, we seem to be afar off from it a million miles because our minds are blocked……

We think that we can’t achieve..

We can’t get there…….

It takes too long….

It can’t be done…

We immediately limit ourselves within the confines of our so called protective mental wall.

The climb might seem too tough. We might feel we are not good enough to complete it. But as I would always say..

There is and will never be another you…

Life’s walls may have blocked us from seeing the other side of life. We may have dwelt far too long where we are. It’s time we make the change.

It’s time we take the step towards our victory of crossing over every pain, and challenge.

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