Thanksgiving 💕 & Friday Quotes💭

Hello friends,

Here are some inspired quotes I wish to share with each and everyone of you. I would really say, being a blogger for over 3 months I have met wonderful bloggers and friends I would call. You all have been a source of encouragement to me. And I really wish to be same to you all.💗💖💖💕

I woke up feeling grateful in my heart that you all have given me a platform where I can show off what I think is the best. Sometimes I write with some uncertainties but your replies give me so much joy and fulfillment. My heart goes out to all of you.

I scribbled down a couple of quotes which gorged out of me early this morning. When I was writing them out in my diary, then I felt the need to share.


For everything we wish to receive, we should be able to reflect the attitude which is needed. Always stay positive, your attitude will lead you to greater opportunities..


Love is all you need. It is all the world needs. We crave to love and be loved. Wherever need be, show little acts of love. For it has the power to brighten up every situation.


Cherish every moment. Through the hills and valleys, the ups and downs. The tough and good times. For in everything there’s a lesson to learn.


You got the decision power to be what you wanna be in any given life situation. Its all left for you to make the right choice. Decide to be a wonder to many and a source of inspiration💕

My heart goes out to all of you. With lots of love💖💖…. Thanks for taking out time to read and have a wonderful week end ahead.


What do you see (Part II)

When I stumbled on this picture today, then I understood that people react to what they’ve lived, seen and experienced. And whatever ones conclusion might be we shouldn’t be quick to judge, because we haven’t yet seen or experience all what they have.
Simply because you’re right on your views and perceptions, doesn’t make the other wrong. People respond base on what they see…their perception of life. Therefore, instead of spending much time judging and refuting others point of view in life, let each express what holds to them.

Each person’s view is a precious gem the world needs. Its high time we broaden our view and perception of life. Then we’ll see how much opportunity the world has.🌸🎀Narrow mindedness blocks out ability to discover what lies ahead of us. We become as a square peck in a square hole.