HAIKU: Self discovered truth

I decided to start my Haiku collections. Truth be told I have never done one before, but I was inspired earlier today to start one! Here we go: In your deepest self Lies that one unraveled truth It is yours, accept Certain truths are hidden deep within our very self…. We just need to findContinue reading “HAIKU: Self discovered truth”

The truth we must accept!

Not every reality is easy to accept! Especially when it doesn’t fall in alignment with what you expected. There are some truths about yourself that you sometimes pray it weren’t the case. And sometimes accepting this truth hurts so bad. But doing so will only give you an opportunity to recreate a better version ofContinue reading “The truth we must accept!”

Relationship Goals! Wednesday Motivational Quotes💪❤❤

Today has been a wonderful day and as I witnessed this day come by I had these lessons probing my mind. I hope you enjoy as you share in with my deepest thoughts and lessons learnt! Here’s the first lesson: Sometimes what we need is that distance. That silence, that gap, to finally realise andContinue reading “Relationship Goals! Wednesday Motivational Quotes💪❤❤”

Musings of the Heart

You deserve better… Far beyond what is expressed on the letter… You put in your love and heart to it… But sometimes you feel that feeling isn’t it… Never be disappointed you let love grow in your heart… Even when you can’t hear the fine echoes resonating from the heart of the one you love…Continue reading “Musings of the Heart”

What Do You Have?: 3 Days Quote challenge, Day I

I was nominated earlier by Jill, owner of the site, Cats out of the box for a three days quote Challenge. There are several things I have benefited throughout my blogging expirience, but one I cherish the most is, I have made lots of acquaintance who have contributed hugely to what I write and inspireContinue reading “What Do You Have?: 3 Days Quote challenge, Day I”

Melodious Wednesday🎵🎶🎶🎼 : You are not alone

Don’t give up It’s just the weight of the world When your heart’s heavy I… I will lift it for you Don’t give up Because you want to be heard If silence keeps you I will break it for you Everybody wants to be understood Well I can hear you Everybody wants to be lovedContinue reading “Melodious Wednesday🎵🎶🎶🎼 : You are not alone”

Not what you have but who you have

Today February 14th, the world celebrates love. In my country Cameroon it is characterised by exchange of gifts between loved ones, friends, and family. Its such a beautiful scene to see……when love is expressed. People were meant to be loved and things used…but the reason for the many problems we encounter in life today isContinue reading “Not what you have but who you have”

FORGIVENESS: Difficult but not Impossible

Have you ever felt wrongly understood by someone and blamed for the cause of a pain you know nothing about?? I have severally. And at times, you get falsely accused of something you know nothing about. At such a time what should you do? Often at time we think saying I‘m sorry, goes only toContinue reading “FORGIVENESS: Difficult but not Impossible”