A Letter To My Younger Self🌸🌸

Dear younger me,
You were so brave, full of life and had a sixth sense to see the good in all that happened.  You could cry, but only for a moment. You never knew how, but you always believed that everything is going to be okay!
Your courage and determination could be seen in your smiles everyday. Every single day was cherished. And if there was anything you ever believed in so strongly was yourself, which you did all the time.
While sleeping, you let your worries slip through you. And slept with such comfort that, even the midnight angels wondered on your courage.
You had no broad idea about life, yet you had to key to suceed in life. You saw everything as been possible, acheivable.  You doubted less, cried for a moment and next, giggled it out.
You could ignore anything that didn’t suit the mood you wanted to be in. You dreamt all the dreams you carried inside of you. You envisaged what you wanted to become when you get older. You saw it so clear, that it wasn’t blurred with fear, insecurity and doubt. You never knew how, but you believed it will come to pass.
You carried yourself with so much trust and confidence in those you loved. Till the point where, you never worried yourself if they will be able to provide for you. All you knew inside of you was, “My food’s gonna be on the table soon”, “I’m starting school soon”… You knew things come to those who believed.
You knew you wanted to become great! And you had so much faith in yourself that you will. You focused on what you wanted and not what you thought wasn’t going to be what you wanted.

Now, years have creeped in, and I’m lot older. There are facets about you that I miss. I thought my growth was applied to all levels. But that isn’t the case. I fear more, more sensitive to failure than I am to sucess.  I am so drained in my fear of failure that I have loosed my focus on life’s beauty. I smile, but at same time, I think on my problems. I have grown. As I had always wished to. But I realise there are phases in my life that needs the younger me. So I guess, my lessons are not ended. My point of referral is not on outsource references. I will refer to you and learn the most of which I couldn’t.
Hope to learn from you soon. As you walk in the shadows of my past, I’ll get a right to take steps back, to aim for a great leap into my future.
With much love❤❤❤


We move on in life. But there are times we need a stop, and a rethink. We might be suprised, that the best teacher in your life, is you. There’s no other person who knows you better than you.


Your Attitude will Determine your Altitude…

Here’s a little “morningvation” for us all. The attitude start with in the morning, determines how our day will be. That’s the power of a positive mindframe. The attitude we potray faced with adversity will determine how high we will overcome that problem.

Truth is, life’s good. But that doesn’t mean because life’s good…..there’s the absence of problem. Relatively…I think problems give a certain beauty to life. They’re unexpected, and usually takes us unawares, helping us to realise and discover our internalized talents and strength to resist.

We will never know what we don’t expirience

How do you react?? I get sometimes defeated way before the war is waged. But no one defeated me but myself. That attitude resulted to how far I could think of going. We are limitless. You can achieve what you want to. But it takes a push…..not just little but harder to realize how greatly endowed you are. And that’s keeping the right attitude in the midst of the storm.

It’s actually more difficult to do than it sounds but it’s not impossible. What stands between us and our goals is fear…. I tell u, this word is able to hold you hostage for years asking questions when you would have accomplished what you wanted.

But we shouldn’t forget that fear is part of our emotions. It eminates from us and so we have the power to subdue it. And you have that power.

Don’t give up because if you do, you are actually giving up on yourself.

Always remember to score a high jump….you need to gather your momentum and propell yourself beyond what you think are your limits.

What they want…..

Yielding to the decisions set by people who hold a certain level of authority over youths and children, has always been the order of the day in most developing countries. Youths and children have always been caught in such delimma, caught in between the web of confusion, deciding on which dream to realise, theirs or what others want….But more often than not, it has always been what they want, suppressing and neglecting children’s desires and dreams. 

The social environment in which children/youths often live in, characterised by so much fear and insecurity, transforms them into less performant beings, afraid of showing up who they are. The fear of not being integrated in to a certain social environment all amounts to the fact that, they are not loved,not heard, not cherished, rather, asked to do what others want them to do.

 International organisations like the United Nations Organization stand out, giving a platform to children to express, serving as a refuge to every child who has been marginalized and side lined. 

However, in the midst of such uncertain present, great leaders are born. Children who will represent the future world we all seek. Those who will usher us into the changed world we all need….

Children and youths constitute the back born of every society.  And am proud of being one….

The Mother Eagle Lesson

Often at times we’re afraid of letting our dreams out of the mental cage of fear. Will people accept what I have? Will they appreciate what I have? Will they find my skills extraordinary? Do I have the courage? Can I do it?

Courage is only for the brave. And the bravest of people aren’t people of great physical strength but of mental strength. I was greatly inspired by a documentary I watched today about the mother eagle and her eaglets. Eagles normally build their nests in tall trees or on high cliffs.  After the eaglet gets to a certain maturity, mother eaglet comes back, but this time around, she doesn’t return with food on her beak as she always does. Rather, she hovers over the nest, as she remains almost motionless in mid air with her wings.

I wondered why she did that? Why didn’t she bring food for her eaglets? Why is she hovering over them? It made no sense…… I thought to myself….

Thereafter, she flies down with such great speed and pushes the eaglet out of the nest!…. Why?? …..why did she do that? We’d say she’s wicked! Today i was inspired by the mother eagle….she has something most of us haven’t nurtured. She’s courageous and brave in taking risk. She sees nothing as a limitation. She proves to her eaglets that if she can, they can, age and size is no limitation.

Sometimes all we need in life is a little push…..for us to break free from the chains of fear and soar just like the eagle. She chooses to maximise her desire to fly and mininse the fear of falling…. And so should we.