Effects of COVID_19 on human mental health

The world has become so much more aware of the existence of a “far greater” threat_COVID-19, which has awakened both our curiosity and awareness, not leaving out it’s devastating effect which kills more and that’s fear. The World Health Organization including other intergrated and non-intergrated health organizations are on a rise to contain and combatContinue reading “Effects of COVID_19 on human mental health”


Early marriage which is defined as a union, formal or informal, entered into by a child or youth under a certain age, typically aged eighteen, has been one of the leading cause of underdevelopment in most African countries, given rise to high levels of illiteracy especially among the girl child, unprecedented increase in death toll andContinue reading “COMBATING EARLY MARRIAGE IN CAMEROON”

Move on!!!!!

“Moving on” is a phrase used by so many people; in failed relationships, when we encounter disappointments, wanting to let go bad habits or anything that steals our joy. There are lots of things that we hold unto so strong and sometimes we do not have the courage to let go… One thing with holdingContinue reading “Move on!!!!!”

A Letter To My Younger Self🌸🌸

Dear younger me, You were so brave, full of life and had a sixth sense to see the good in all that happened.  You could cry, but only for a moment. You never knew how, but you always believed that everything is going to be okay! Your courage and determination could be seen in yourContinue reading “A Letter To My Younger Self🌸🌸”

Your Attitude will Determine your Altitude…

Here’s a little “morningvation” for us all. The attitude start with in the morning, determines how our day will be. That’s the power of a positive mindframe. The attitude we potray faced with adversity will determine how high we will overcome that problem. Truth is, life’s good. But that doesn’t mean because life’s good…..there’s theContinue reading “Your Attitude will Determine your Altitude…”