The bleeding heart

The bleeding heart flower( Dinctra Formosa Bachannal)

Twice I forgave you,

Twice I was hurt,

Twice I said I’d be wise,

But your stab in heart made me die,

Twice I was healed,

Twice I was decieved,

Left with a bleeding heart,

When you denied to do your part.

Hoping my heart learns the language of the Neverland,

Refusing to hold that hand,

The one that betrays,

And that leaves my heart to stray.

My heart has bled out it’s life,

And it’s tired of all the lies,

How can I conceal that flow,

Pierced by the deceitful bow,

Sterming from your utterances ,

Piercing and transpiercing

My underlying self,

Hidden in my emotions,

Leaving me motionless,

With a bleeding heart .

But tomorrow I wish,

That I build a nitch,

Just like an eagle’s nest,

I’d choose who’s best.

Twice I forgave you,

Twice I was hurt,

Twice I said I’d be wise,

But your stab in heart made me die.

Twice I was healed,

Twice I was decieved,

Though with a bleeding heart,

I’d find someone with whom I will never part.

HAIKU: Self discovered truth

I decided to start my Haiku collections. Truth be told I have never done one before, but I was inspired earlier today to start one!

Here we go:

In your deepest self

Lies that one unraveled truth

It is yours, accept

Our lives is like a blank sheet, waiting for us to find it’s truths and rewrite our stories

Certain truths are hidden deep within our very self…. We just need to find it!

And when we do…we must learn to accept our truths..

Not every truth is easy to accept!

But accepting your truth puts you closer to your long awaited triumph…


The world was calm,

The world was beautiful,

And a peaceful melody dressed the world in a beautiful array,

Yet you rigged and ripped it of it’s glory,

And damped it’s garment in the pool of tears,

Collected from the eyes of those who abide in it.

Strong we thought we were,

Yet you exposed the vulnerability of the human race,

Leaving us wondering, panicking, anxious and depressed.

In a day you came,

But your effects remain,

Leaving the world caged within the confines of its deepest fears and losses.

Heroes emerge,

Legends depart,

Wars are waged,

Fears tried to be caged,

Wisdom applied,

Knowledge tested…..

Yet the world still is left at the stage of vulnerability.

Efforts are failing,

Strength is loosing,

Power and influence no longer a pride,

Leaving us but with the desire to cry

Yet you keep exposing our vulnerability.

As a virus you came,

But you understood the vulnerability of men,

And metamorphosed in to fear reflecting our greatest weakness,

Gripping our mental strength,

And cagging us within the limits of our very emotions.

Some say it’s a biological battle,

But you know it’s a battle to test the strength of humanity,

Years have come and gone,

And you keep being reborn in every century,

Leaving same footprints in the sands of time.

But a virus you are,

And in you is revealed your greatest weakness,

You and I, small to what you think you can do,

But greater to destroy what you have done.

So but for a moment rejoice,

Because the world stands together,

Stronger than ever,

Determined and focused,

Even after several punches of death,




Just like the Phoenix,

We emerge stronger after every rebirth,

We are coming for you!!!!


You and I once together,

Always forever,

So we said, and so do I remember,

That we never said never,

With our love so strong but tender,

Leaving us with the wish to stay, younger,

Together and forever.

But distance plays a trick,

Leaving us with a single plea,

My once close lover,

Now becomes my point of bother,

Separated by distance,
Fed with assumptions, doubts and fears,

Could only make me wonder,

And continue to ponder.

So give way my resilent doubts,

Let the fine echoes of my pounding heart,

Resonate the song of our love in perpetuity,

I await for your hopeful return,

My far-away love.

When darkness is gone

Give way to the light,

You glorious night,

And be gone from me,

All the sadness I see,

For there’s a glorious light,

That shines upon,

When darkness is gone.

I’ll but cherish the light,

Only in the presence of the dark,

So I’ll let come the night,

To better appreciate the light.

Concealing beauty in a vague and formeless manner,

Is what you do in my life,

Slaughtering my gladness with a knife,

Making me a wandering knight,

In pursuit of my happiness to liberate,

And no more become the bait

But it’s for a moment you are here,

Soon the light’s coming near,

Gladness is all I hear,

When darkness disappears.

Be your Hero

Life is full of battles

Lurcking all around

But you can be your hero

When life gives you zero

Become every single day

And improve in every single way

Break the shackles off your life

Let the light of victory shine

I am my hero

Not just some fellow

So battles will I fight

And make all darkness seem bright

Originally posted: Living what you love

We all need just a little reminder that we can be our own kind of hero.

Rise up and fight because that is who you are….a fighter and a winner.

Happy weekend 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

The Lost Glory

In a far away land, between the central and Western Regions of Africa,

Lies a Haven as many would call,

A land of Glory as expressed by every abiding soul.

Strong, grande with it’s Glory seated on the throne of unity,

Now rests in ruins..

A fraction of the United whole becomes a deserted emplacement with thick layers of unattended thurfs.

No longer free and united,

She resides within a dilapidated stone wall with cracks that tell stories of her never ending quest to attain freedom.

A once glorious haven, now becomes a God forsaken sanctuary for the Lost soul that even death will not be welcomed here…

The land is drenched in a pool of the red liquid carrying the lives of the needed to the depleted ruins of the forgotten past.

A land of Glory would it seem to be when every atom of it’s fame, now receives a standing ovation from shame.

But once again

It’s Glory pleads to be regained

Tired of the antagonistic presence

The heavens open wide the gate to it’s heart and bleeds droplets of dazzling rain

To wash off the ruins and bring gladness again.

Originally posted by : Livingwhatyoulove

This poem is dedicated to my fatherland. At now we’re experiencing huge socio_political crises.

To the regaining of the Lost Glory of my nation and to all the Fallen Heros who have lost their lives on the battleground leading to peace.❤️❤️❤️