Growth is a progressive symbol of change and maturity. It only happens wherever there is life! With plants, animals and human beings. When someone does not grow, when change does not occur in the life of someone…you may as well be as good as dead.

Growing comes along with so many changes both physically, emotionally and mentally. No one ever desires to remian stagnant. But somehow and somewhere in our lives we are! When you find it so hard to move on from that broken relationship you are not growing. When samethings still hurt you all the time, you are not growing. When the relics of your past still control your future, you are not growing. When you are gullible in face of your weakness and haven’t gathered the strength to outgrow them, you are not growing.

Growing is living

When you cease to grow, you seize to live.

Can someone actually grow even if he is a failure??

Oh yes you can!!

Actually failures point out your weaknesses. It’s upto you to either outgow it or live with it.

Choose to grow and you will

3 Most Impactful Initiatives I came across in 2018

One of the things I find most intriguing in living, is meeting up with people who think hopeful, who see further and who let change to be expressed through them to the world.

The journey of our lives is powered by the wheel of hope. A far greater expectation that Tomorrow will be better than today…..

But to those who understand the times, seize the opportunity, see the glory in the fall and the solution in the problems would always have a better tomorrow, today.

Earlier this year I was invited in Nigeria by my very good friends CEO of The Adekoya Godwin Leader’s Hub, to give out a motivational talk on Self discipline to some Nigerian youths…and there I learnt something worthwhile

Sucess is not the enmassing of wealth but it’s a mental transformation, and personal satisfaction in life. It occurs when we love what we do, find solace in it and use it to inspire lives

So here comes the list of 3 most inspiring youth Initiatives I came in contact with:

1. YOSDOC: (Your service Dot Com)

A budding but massive organisation located in the Central part of Africa precisely in the country Cameroon, is a life changing Non-profit Organization. Having as aim to impact the lives of youths not just within the localities of the nation itself, but world wide, is this Initiative which seeks to raise a skilled set of contemporary business tycoons in the African continent.

I happened to have had a talk with the CEO (Boh Clovis Nguea)of this organization and the rationls for starting this organization was based on the fundamental problem most African countries are facing.

When youths upon completion of studies step out to gain jobs, they’re always asked of working experience. Yet, they’re not given a platform to gain these expiriences…..this is where YOSDOC comes in

Recently in 2019, just after a year of full operations, YOSDOC birthed NGUEA 2N BUSINESS Enterprise to provide the Cameroonian youths with luxurious platforms of gaining needed expiriences, help fashion enterpreneurs and of course provide job placements

This organization is bent on creating effective change in the seven spheres the Cameroonian Society and revamp employability rate of the country.

2. Build Dream Africa Academy:

From the Southernmost tip of the African continent to every part of the continent is the extent of the impact the Build Dream Africa Academy is creating.

Focusing on reinstating the needed educational system that provokes creativity and personal development, is the underlying reason for this organzation’s establishment. Haven understood that the fundamental cause and reason for the delayed progression of African youth is due to “misplaced education training system”. A scenario which gives birth to misplaced orientation.

I would say this Initiative was founded based on the sacred words of one of the World’s Iconic leaders Nelso Mandela who said:

Education is one of the greatest weapons that can change the world.

Alot of Africans have dreams but do not know what it takes to get there. This initiaive comes in to provide a long lasting solution to this phenomenon that has plagued our African continent for decades.

Build Dream Africa (BDA) Academy is a skills-development and capacity building institution with diverse programs for short and medium-term training.It is designed to offer space to Africa and global innovators seeking a space to hone their skillset, innovation and patent their ideas. More than ever, BDA seeks to solve global challenges; quench employers’ thirst for skills which are fit-for purpose; and offer new pathways for job creation, poverty reduction and inclusive development.

I am so happy to have met up with the Founder of Build Dream Africa Academy). Truly, his ideas are inspiring.

3. The Adekoya Godwin Leader’s Hub:

A Nigerian based but worldwide affecting initiative is the Adekoya Godwin Leader’s Hub which is bent on creating leaders and visionaries.

Adekoya Godwin believes that in every Country or Society there is need for a rebranished set of individuals who uphold the virtue of leadership in every sphere of the society. His initiative focuses on Youth Empowerment, Education and Enterpreneurship.
In a society plagued with stereotypes, Adekoya Leader’s Hub comes to break the “normal routine” which of course has become the order of the day amongst African youths and a clear reoccurrence in most African settings.

The world is in need of leaders and front liners……

Move on!!!!!

“Moving on” is a phrase used by so many people; in failed relationships, when we encounter disappointments, wanting to let go bad habits or anything that steals our joy.

There are lots of things that we hold unto so strong and sometimes we do not have the courage to let go…

One thing with holding onto the wrong things in life, is that you gain nothing out of it… simply waste time and you become stagnant.

The more you hold unto the hurts, you will never want to move out of the hurts. You will be there until you decide to let go and move on…..Move ahead.

Moving on makes you realize there are certain journeys in life you alone can cover….

It helps you discover that you need to maybe love yourself a little more than you do now.

Moving on means things that hurt you before no longer do…

Mistakes of yesterday do not control your future…

Moving on os accepting a second chanc life has given you, to right your wrongs

So what are you waiting for???

Move on from that pain



Anger.poor relationship


And move into happiness




And love….

Love reveals beauty❤🌷

Love sets things right

Even when they seem wrong

It builds and is patient…

Selfless and reveals the good in the bad….

And if you can’t find love….become love and give out love.

So others can know what it means to be loved.

Because this is the true essence of love❤

Don’t Give up on yourself🌸🌸🌸🌸

Even if the world gives up on you….do not give up on yourself

Hello everyone!!!

It’s been over 2 months I haven’t been consistent with my posts…. I’d say as an inspirational and motivational blogger, lately I have been challenged to prove that what I say is actually what I live by…

These past few months have been within the dark shades of my very existence.

There is a lot going on…both good and ugly. Sometimes we loose the courage to fight because we have been fighting for far too long and there seem never to be a solution.

This is exactly how I felt…..

But then again there was something that struck my mind….a lesson I learnt and I am dying to share with all you:

1. The pains and tough expiriences we go through make up our sucess story. We will only have a better appreciation to life when we have failed once. It gives us a sense of accomplishment. That despite the mess I still pulled through

2. In the face of adversity the true nature of a man is revealed. It’s rather so easy to manage the good….and very demanding to manage the vice….

Do you easily give up?

Do you stop fighting??

Do you blame others for your predicament?

Be a fighter and choose not to quit on yourself…

Do not let yourself down!!!!

3. Nothing ever happens for nothing. So when the turmoils come….know they have a reason for coming…it’s up to you to find it…

4. We can’t always have it smooth. There’s no victory without failure. Pain is part of life….

But it’s up to you to see it as such or as a pushing force that determines the direction of your life

5. Never let others affect you….the moment you do, you give them control over your life.

Happy Tuesday

Much love ❤❤❤❤🌷

Find your voice!

Discovering our purpose is the ultimate! The world is filled with thousands and thousands of people; some we interact with and can influence our behaviours and decisions. And sometimes finding “your voice” becomes a difficult venture.

There’s a lot that suppresses our voice….sometimes fear, other times, the lack of faith in oneself!

But your voice, is that which makes you stand out amongst many.

Who Am I?

Why was I born?

What makes me different?

How can I make my world a better place?……are the one and one too many questions we ask ourselves in the quest of seeking our voice!

And when your voice is found! Let it out ….. The world needs to hear it….for it in it lies the antidote and cure to some hazards the world is facing…

We are not just humans who have as purpose to fill up the Earth and just live in it, We are more to what the eyes meet!

Few Questions to help discover your Voice:

1.What angers you? Every super hero needs a bad guy. Without one, the super hero has nothing to fight against. What are the things that drive you nuts????

What makes you cry? Think about the last several instances that caused you to cry. I always dicovered that I often cry when I see someone in a deplorable condition. Then I understand that I have as a passion to help the destitute.

What have you mastered? Are there tasks, skills, or opportunities that you have simply mastered and can do without thinking? It will be of great help im finding your voice. We learn through action, observation, then correction. Start with what you do well, and work your way toward your goal.

What gives you hope? What do you look forward to? What great vision do you have for your future and the future of others? Hope is a powerful motivator, and can give you a clue to the ways in which you may be able to compel others to act!!!!

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? We often forget the earliest clues to our voice as we are burdened with the expectations of peers, teachers, parents, and eventually the marketplace. But those early days of wonder – the vast expanses of horizon that hinted at limitless possibility – can give us insight into the deeper seeds of fascination that still reside within us. So…what did/do you want to be when you grow up?

If you had all the time and money in the world, what would you do? It astounds me how few people have asked themselves this question, and it astounds me more how few people can arrive at an answer when they do. We believe that a lack of resources is the obstacle to our happiness and fulfillment, but for many of us the limitation has nothing to do with a lack of money or time. The limitation is our fear of falling short of our own self-perception. We point fingers at others because we can’t reconcile our own fear of engagement. We don’t think about limitless possibility because we are afraid of what would happen if we were to get it.

What change would you like to see in the world? Always remember we can only express what we have inside. This will help us find our voice.

If you had one day left, how would you spend it? If you knew that you would die at midnight, how would you spend your last day on earth? What questions would you ask? Who would you spend time with? What work would you do? Again, this is an interesting way to begin identifying patterns within your passions, skills, and experiences

I’d love to have your take on this….

Have a wonderful weekend xoxo❤❤❤

The truth we must accept!

Not every reality is easy to accept! Especially when it doesn’t fall in alignment with what you expected.

There are some truths about yourself that you sometimes pray it weren’t the case. And sometimes accepting this truth hurts so bad. But doing so will only give you an opportunity to recreate a better version of yourself!

When I woke up this morning, I received a call from a very good friend. And he was outlining some areas in my life which I failed in…!!!

I really never wanted to fail in that area….but I realized I failed. And so I have been asking myself “What can I do to make this right this 2019?”

You know…it’s lot easier for us to accept what we so much crave to hear, than the things we don’t! Unfortunately, there is no way we can move forward if we do not redress the “little foxes” (failures) that pull us back…

To have thought that I tussled throughout 2018 without realizing this mistake make we wonder even more!

Sometimes, we won’t be able to see the problem. But those around us will. We need to be open minded, humble and willing to admit and take full responsibility of our mistakes and failures in life, and be ready to face it’s consequences heads on!

And so I decided to set a measurable goal to set things right again! I gave myself as dateline December 31st. And so I’m looking forward to man up and get this task done!

So I grabbed a few lessons today on what to do when the bitter truth comes knocking:

  1. Accept it: Yes… accept it….it’s so hard to do so…. You get that feeling of total disappointment in yourself. But you have to accept it!
  2. Do not justify: There is always a tendency to give reasons why you failed. The problem is you failed. And it’s no crime….its part of the growing process! We are not machines programmed to be 100% efficient. We are humans and we err. And so never be ashamed to admit your failure!
  3. Do not walk on the self pity lane: As funny as it seems….this is the worst of consider! You start feeling you are rejected and no one understands what happened and what made you fail. No one’s responsible for your failure but you. Shake off this misguided attitude of self grief and pity that might stop you from taking positive actions
  4. How can I fix this?: After all has been done, if this question is not asked and goals set, then there’s a problem. This is the point where you decide to wipe off failure by taking up positive actions and adopting behavioural changes to realize set goals!
  5. Take up action

Thank you all for reading❤🙌🙌🍀!!!

Appreciate “who you are” and not “who you should have being”!

We often go about our daily lives, appreciating others for jobs well done, when they might have acheived success or gone a milestone in their live’s activities.

And sometimes we less appreciate our very own selves. We get so filled and blinded with the thought of arriving or becoming someone better in the future….which is undecided in nature, than focusing and appreciating who we are at the very moment.

In one of my posts, We made it, I said it was always important for us to catch a glimpse of who we were yesterday to better appreciate who we are today.

I personally think, a man’s motivation to greater success is first of all acknowledging who you were, appreciating who you are, to get to who you want to become!

This means our present state decides who we become! We can’t wipe out the present and aim for the future

Because, the gift of the present, is that we are given the acertainty and assurance to life!

Like I said in another post of mine, using the words of Josh Groban “Tomorrow’s undecided, never take a single breathe for granted….”

So while you still are, appreciate yourself so much that you already become a better version of yourself now!

We anticipate too much!

As though we have control of time!

Love your life now…

Love yourself now…

Go out to the most inspiring places now….

Appreciate who you are…..

The face behind the veil

Drenched in the deepest pain

Recalling regrets from within

Loosing all urge to gain

Refusing to let come tomorrow

No love to let in

There’s none for me to borrow

How can I unmask my sorrow

Pretending to be free

There’s nothing I see

But a face behind a veil

If left to me

I want to be happy

But I seem not to break the shackles off me

Then I realize,

Seeming is not being

If I wish, I can.

Originally posted by: Livingwhatyoulove

People will never understand “You”, the way you want them to. They can to an extent. But you are the very one who cries at night but shows off a smile at noonday. You are the one who falls and the one who rises.

You need to smile out…..

The world needs to see you strong because that’s who you are.

You can’t afford letting that scar in your heart get the best of you…

You can’t let that broken relationship wash away every hope of loving again….

You need to stand tall and bold to face every bit of depressing challenges

Let the world know you for your strength

Let your footprints be on the Sands of time

This is just me most times. Recently I had a confusion mix starring in my face…. And I thought to myself where can I find the motivation and strength to pull through this mess?

I show strong, tough, but I cry most times……And when I do cry, it’s not a sign of defeat, but a sign that I feel.

I sometimes feel I have been strong for far too long

But I need to keep being strong. …

Not for myself but for those I love and for my family.

The tear inspired by Klimt by K Madison Moore

And so I hide my face behind the veil. Not because I am shy, and weak. But because I want the world to know me for the strong person I am. And benefit from my strength.

My tears make me beautiful. It makes me see how humane I still am. It makes me feel…..

And after every tear, I’m reborn and recycled to be stronger than I was.

So I let my face stay behind the veil.

Not because I wish to pretend. But because I think of the greater good it brings.

No one wants walking on the streets and crying about your problems….because the world doesn’t actually care what’s going on in your life. Everyone is busy thinking on a way forward in the mess they’ve found themselves in as well.

And so this life, is a relentless battle. We fight to live and maintain our happiness.

We fight with choices, preferences, emotions and decisions.

But this fight, is not on the streets or with those who caused it….

This fight is from within……

Residing behind the veil….

Thank you all so much for reading and I’d love to get your views on my thoughts…..

Motivational Lyrics: “Granted” by Josh Groban

Have you ever felt it could all go away
If you blink
If you never stop running you won’t fall behind
So you think
And you wonder in your heart
If you’re still not who you are
Who are you?
Nothing’s as it seems till it all falls apart

If you have a dream, go chase it
If you feel hope, don’t waste it
If you find love, embrace it
And never take a single breath for granted
The story’s yours, go write it
Tomorrow’s undecided
Our days are counted on this planet
Never take a single breath
Take a single breath for granted

Maybe it’s time you bet on yourself
Listen to your heart
Just listen to your heart and nobody else
So go find out who you are
Only you know who you are
Who are you?
‘Cause all you have to lose
Is your best life yet
So go ahead

If you have a dream, go chase it
If you feel hope, don’t waste it
If you find love, embrace it
And never take a single breath for granted
The story’s yours, go write it
Tomorrow’s undecided
Our days are counted on this planet
Never take a single breath
Take a single breath for granted

Sometimes the greatest moment we’ll ever know
Are when we’re letting go, so let go
And maybe our brightest days still wait for us
In the unknown

If you have a dream, go chase it
If you feel hope, don’t waste it
If you find love, embrace it
And never take a single breath for granted
If you have a light, go find it
The story’s yours, go write it
Our days are counted on this planet
So never take a single breath
Take a single breath for granted

Courtesy: Metrolyrics

Earlier today when I heard this miraculous piece “Granted” by Josh Groban, I couldn’t help myself but plunge in deep thoughts measuring how much strength I have exuded in my life so far, and the unsatiable quest and desire in me to never give up….

If you have a dream, go chase it

If you find hope, don’t waste it

If you find love, embrace it

Chase your dreams till you attain them…… when you have life, you have hope. So don’t waste your life by loosing hope. And if life gives you love, embrace it…..for there are others just waiting to be loved.

The lyrics of this song speaks to me so strongly. We have just a single life to live, with none other to spare. Why not make the most out of it? And never take a single breath for granted.

Find and discover who you are, and always be and stay happy……and never take this moment for granted….

Whatever makes you feel bad, let it go. It is better of to let go of the hurts we feel inside and whatever causes the hurts. Hold on to love and of you couldn’t find one, become and give out the love you have inside for someone else to expirience.

The story of your life belongs to you. You can always write it the way you want. It’s all left for you to decide. Live in the now and plan for the future. Tomorrow’s undecided… don’t worry about what it may bring forth. Care for your now, and it will care for your tomorrow.

I fell deeply in love with this piece and I thought to share.

Listen to Josh Groban – GRANTED – BBC Proms in the Park 2018 by songs #np on #SoundCloud

I will be very pleased to get your views on this inspirational and motivationg piece in the comments section below.

Till when next I post, I wish u all a fun-filled day with much love❤❤🙌