Relationship Goals! Wednesday Motivational Quotes💪❤❤

Today has been a wonderful day and as I witnessed this day come by I had these lessons probing my mind.

I hope you enjoy as you share in with my deepest thoughts and lessons learnt!

Here’s the first lesson:

Sometimes what we need is that distance. That silence, that gap, to finally realise and see things clearly. When things are too close to us, we tend to forget it’s originality. We tend to forget it’s value. We chase after the things which are far off. …. because to us we think those are the things which are important.

But when we finally loose it….we realise just how much we had missed!

Here comes the second:

A relationship is about 2 different people working it out. It requires work.

Here’s the third:

Our happiness starts with us. I will always say….

If you can’t be happy while single, you won’t be when you finally meet a partner.

There’s no perfect “hero”…neither is there any perfect human. We are all so full of imperfections. We are self-centered at times and want people to understand us, with little bearing on how others are yearning that they should be understood too!!!

But when it comes to love… sees what no one else does…

It sees the good in the bad…

It accepts who you for who you are not..

Because it is impartial…

It qualifies even when everyone’s else disqualifies….

It’s unconditional and doesn’t keep record of wrongs….

Love is the purest feeling….❤

Capable of resusitating the good in a person.

It’s a beautiful feeling.

Keep loving❤❤❤❤

Happy wednesday



Have you ever been here???

When you feel you have tried all you can and there seem to be found no solution in “trying”.

When you see the other side of life hitting you so hard that you sometimes feel the urge to fight on is gone?

It’s easy to talk about succeeding because that’s the end result we all expect. But it is even more frustrating to talk about delays, failures, pains and depression because this what no one wishes for.

Life doesn’t give us our wishes all the time. But in the quest of nearly attaining these wishes, life gives us an even greater opportunity to self discover what we have as treasure.

When the will to fight on is gone, there are two (02) things we can choose to do:

  1. Choose to remain within the confines of the wall of pain,agony, frustration and despair
  2. Or, we search for what failure is trying to teach us. We become contented that we tried. We become self-reliant for the best outcomes in our lives. We realise how long we have been strong. We discover how far we have come. We see what no one else sees within us. We embrace life in a while new angle. We stay happy even when we didn’t achieve what we wanted.

This is what happens when your will to fight on is gone:

When your will to fight on is gone, it is not because you have become weak that you can no longer fight.

It’s not because you have realised you cannot do it.

It’s not because you have realised that your efforts in that relationship is worthless.

Neither because you feel you have tried being loved and couldn’t find one.

Rather, you have come to realize that its not every battle that is yours to fight.

There are somethings we need not fight for because they don’t belong to us. No matter how hard you try, you need to realise this other side of truth.

I realised that man has a potential power that we haven’t yet been able to understand.

We don’t give up

Even in the midst of the pain and the wasted feeling we get…..and even when we say with words of mouth that we can’t rise again above the mess we are in, deep within us lie the urge to be better. This is what we are.


When the urge to fight on is gone, know you aren’t weak!

Know you are strong!

In your failures, search for the victory!

When the will to fight on is gone….

Search for what is yours to fight for….

Musings of the Heart

You deserve better…

Far beyond what is expressed on the letter…

You put in your love and heart to it…

But sometimes you feel that feeling isn’t it…

Never be disappointed you let love grow in your heart…

Even when you can’t hear the fine echoes resonating from the heart of the one you love…

Love is you and you are love…

Love is patient…

And in your patience be content you felt “love”

Give yourself the love you seek ..

Be the love you never recieved..

When the heart is broken….

The mind is broken….

The soul is caged..

And so is the body…

Healing is what you need..

For a tender touch you plead..

To conceal the feeling of pain..

Turning them into gain..

And then you remember…

That you should say a prayer..

When it’s all been said and done…

You will let solitude be gone.

Day 2 Quote Challenge: “Do You”

Today’s the second day of this challenge and here’s the inspiration that woke me up at 1:00 am this morning.

The world is so large, filled with millions of different opinion holders, saying what they know and think is the best option for you. But there are times when we need to keep our ears closed from what the world says because the world is not us. We need to focus on what our heart tells us. Reading the lines of our expiriences and gaining momentum to embrace our upcoming victories.

I feel very much attached to this quote because I assembled the words out of the expiriences I got.

We always have that feeling, that desire, that yearning for people’s approval. Either from loved ones, friends, family, because we want to feel “belong“. We want to hear people tell us “you did it well”, because we feel or think approval from people is what we need to perform our optimum best!

But there are times when these approvals don’t come. You feel like……”what I have been doing…is it the best I could do?”

Yes it is! Because your best is not reliant on someone but on You.

I always say that the only person who never leaves you when things go messy or when they’re super great is you. That’s the only companion you are certained of.

So give yourself the honour of waking up each day and congratulate yourself for your achievements. You deserve it.

Happy Thursday😊❤❤❤❤

What Do You Have?: 3 Days Quote challenge, Day I

I was nominated earlier by Jill, owner of the site, Cats out of the box for a three days quote Challenge.

There are several things I have benefited throughout my blogging expirience, but one I cherish the most is, I have made lots of acquaintance who have contributed hugely to what I write and inspire me to write more.

Thanks again Jill

At the end of the day, what really belongs to you eternally?

What have you achieved?

Or what you learnt?

Sucess is beautiful. Achievements are even more.

But at the end of it all the lessons we learn give us multiple opportunities to gain further victories in life.

We can’t stop learning but we can stop achieving. But even when we don’t achieve, we learn.