If tears could bring you back…

Love while we still can, like we have never done before. Both small and great, old and young. Once someone’s gone, we can’t express our love towards them. Let’s make the most of the time we have…and make every dark day seem bright.

So while we still have time, we care for those who are in need of our care. This is because a time will come, when they won’t be any more by our side.

But all we’ll have is sweet memories we carry in our hearts forever❤❤❤


Daily Quotes: Thursday thoughts

It’s more usual to say when the going gets tough, only the tough will get going. But I think there comes a time when there’s the need to have a change of direction.

We often expirience same things in out lives because we do same things. We have been tredding on one direction for far too long a time. It’s time to change angle, and see things in a different light. Maybe that’s all we need to get what we want😊.

I’m not trying to say that we should be quick in giving up and changing our course. I’m saying we should not be static but flexible and creative in devicing strategies that will help us in attaining our dreams.



Shades of friendship

Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people. Friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond.

We often tend to associate or identify ourselves with people who share same views in life like us, and why not same principles. Friendship is a great gift, and has alot contributing to the healthy(physical, emotional and pshycological) state of a person.

Every friendship has something it offers. That’s why we just can’t get enough of having friends around us. But the proximity of someone to your heart determines what kind of friend they are.

1. The Heart friends:

This probably sounds weird because I just formulated the word. But these are those who feel more like a family to you.These are the people closest to you, those you call first when something important happens, those you love even when they not worth it, who make speeches at your wedding, whose best and worst sides you know through and through, and whose relationship with you is eternal—even if you go months or years without hanging out, nothing has changed when you find yourself together again. They’re those who will remain with you despite the odds. They are friends for a lifetime.

2. Part time friends

Okay….Just as it sounds these are those who are seasonal. But doesn’t discard the fact that they aren’t loyal. Of course they are…but they come in when asked to. But in trying times….they’re likely to let you flat or stick by you. It’s in their nature to be seasonal.

3. Benefit friends

They are your friends because there’s something they need. This doesn’t mean they are mean or bad. NO! It just happens you have something they’re in need of and the only way to get that is to get close to you.

Why I wrote on friendship

This doesn’t actually match in line with most of my posts since they’re motivational. But I looked at relationship and understanding persons. This has really been a problem to many.

Everyone in your life has a role to play whether good or bad. We seek to understand people but the truth is we never will. We accept their behaviors and give a closed eye to their weaknesses. I’m not being pessimistic but we will never be able to understand someone’s weakness or fault whether intentional or unintentional because our human mind is not receptive to things that hurt it. That’s why we resort to “shedding tears” and “feeling hurt”.

How do you cope with people??

I have had alot of expirience here….some of which made me cry, others happy and others very depressing. But as time went on I learnt these:

1. Cry as much as you can. If you get hurt by a friend let it all out. It’s teaching you to be wise in dealing with people.

2. Never avoid them. It’s normal to Chove from those who hurt you. But they’re teaching you to be strong.

3. Never talk back. This is really hard. But it’d make you the better person.

4. Show them love. You become a transformer and changer. You will influence their behaviour.

Those who betray you teach you to be wise

Those who hurt you teach you to be strong

Those who abandon you teach you to be independent

Those who love you teach you to love

They are just shades of friendship

Shine Bright🎇🎇

When the dusk gets darker…..it is a clear indication that the dawn is near.

Shine on through the darkness, the worries, and the confusion because at the end of it all you alone decide how bright you will want your life to be.

When I looked up into the sky this evening…I got an inspiration. The stars in the vast firmament look like randomly placed dizzling crystals…. They are surrounded by the dark cloud, yet they don’t get intimidated to shine on to their maximum.

I wonder where nature got such courage.??

They might have been small yet they grace and adorn the night with such elegance and beauty.

It’s not how much you think you can do….It’s all about consistency in doing what’s right

Don’t go out of your way thinking it might not work….Stay there and keep doing it!!!

Wherever you are, the world beckons on you to fulfill your role in making the world a better place. The reality about life is, the world’s made up of people…..not a person….but it needs you to fulfil what you should because no one else can but you…..That’s how unique you are.

“A living dog is better than a dead lion”. As far as you are alive, there’s hope for you. Just keep believing that you can and you will…

Be the best that you can be.

# you are awesome🌸❤💜💙💚

Not what you have but who you have

Today February 14th, the world celebrates love. In my country Cameroon it is characterised by exchange of gifts between loved ones, friends, and family. Its such a beautiful scene to see……when love is expressed.

People were meant to be loved and things used…but the reason for the many problems we encounter in life today is because, things are loved and people used.

Love is a beautiful feeling. Always unexplainable….but magical😊….. Everyone has a definition of Love based on how it made them feel. Its important we note its not possessions that actually matters but how many people you got in your life, with whom you can share your pains…they feel it….share your laughter, they join in…. Those who understand your silence.

The greatest legacy we have is the people we got in our lives….and if ever the world celebrates love…..it goes out to all who sacrificed for us….even those who didn’t

Its a usual norm to love those who love you in return…. But actually true love is not proven when you love someone who loves you in return…..it goes loving someone even when you are angry and feel like not doing so.

I’ll learn not to count how many people love me..but how many I have loved!!!

Enjoy your day💜💛💚💞

Tuesday Quote: Perseverance

When we loose hope in waiting, we loose the reason for which we are waiting. Its not how long you spend waiting to acheive your goal, what matters is, “have you acheived it?”. It might take years, but that doesn’t mean you won’t acheive. Failure in achieving what we want comes in when feeling fail trying.

Hang in there, and hold on to you’re quest in achieving your dream that will change your life.

Happy Tuesday🌸🌸🌸🌸💗