Learn to Earn๐Ÿ’ต๐Ÿ’ด๐Ÿ’ถ๐Ÿ’ท

We all strife towards achieving our dreams. And most often at times, because we are so consumed by this passion to achieve, we want it NOW. If there could be a way to earn without working, I think we all would choose that path…..the easier way…. We spend countless hours of the day Working…..trying as much as we can go our best, so we get paid hopefully, daily, weekly, or monthly….

Well….I’m not much of a financial master…but there’s something I have grown to learn with Earning…

A man’s worth is not measured by how much money he is in ppssession of…but how well he is financially educated. Now, I’m npt talking about reading some accounting, management. Or marketing notes…. Im not talking the “school system of financial education ” I’m talking about learning the Art of money. 

It sounds weird but money speaks. It has a language. It has principles …. There’s no at you can earn when you haent learnt that language…..

 And what is that?

Investment: Investment comes in two phases…self investment and financial investment

As easy as self investment may sound….it isn’t. Investing in one self entails alot of discipline. And at extremes, a complete change of mindset may apply. “The way we think, so we are”. When you bring yourself to the point to think rich. 

A lot of us anticipate to be rich in 5 years or so. But, we have. single income pool, and yet several expenditure outlets….. Your money drains… Its the simple rule of sowing and harvesting.

The sowing season( investment) is always tideous, stressful, demanding, and difficult. Alot is required; time, money, effort, energy, idea…. Most people at this phase will give up when they realise the seed hasn’t sprouted. Dont give up!   The harvest season( Earnings \profits) will only apply, when sowing has been made. There’s no way it could be done the other way round. ……….Minimize your liabilities (expenditures) but increase your assets (investments)

Above all…keep the right company…. Surround yourself with great men and you will be great.


Do something new๐ŸŽ†

We all have dreams, goals, objectives we have set before us. We all have that dream self employing business we wish to start up. We have drawn knowledge from both schooling and experience. We read books over and over and over again. And at some point, we work. Working what everyone else is working. Sooner or later, comfort doing the usual creeps in. Not long than we can notice, we work and spend. And there, our lives goes in circles and circles.

Time passes, but our acheivement is not propotionate to time passed. Why???…. We need to stop doing the usual. Try out something else. The greatest of people who have achieved are not people who dwelt on a source of income for so long. They are those who understood the principle of adopting various income source to generator more and more of it….

I recently attended a seminar that changed my perception in relation to leadership….!!!  Who is a leader??? “A Leader is someone who takes responsible decisions, transform them into actions to bring about positive change. There’s one thing with change, it attracts. The moment you start doing the extra people will emulate you. 

The great difference between a successful person and someone who’s trying to be successful is that fact of identifying opportunities. Let our dreams not remain dreams, let them become a reality. But as long as we do not do something extraordinary, we remain where we have always being.

Unless we act upon our dreams, they will only remain illusions and fantasies….make your dream life real…

Like the popular addage goes if you want to earn extraordinary income so extraordinary things. 

What therefore is extraordinary?? 

“It is anything done out of the usual”. At this point many will think that what you are doing might not be enough to yield the future you so much desire …..but the greatest of achievers were not those who did not fail for once, but those who never failed trying”

Try and try and try again, till you acheive. There’s no harm trying๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŽ†โค

Happy Wednesday ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ

Fulfilment in little Acts

Reading through some lessons today and trying to scribble down some lessons to share. I found out, some secrets to leading a successful life.

Success is the ability to do “the best” of what you can. This therefore means, success has no universal definition Beau’s what you consider success to another might be mistaken for a failure. In other words, whatever you do and feel fulfilled doing it! That’s success to you. Don’t let others define your lines of success.

I have read one, and one too many books on success in business and I see a repititiin some core values anyone wishing to succeed should posses. They are:

  1. setting realistic goals
  2. Consistency
  3. Devotion
  4. Passion
  5. Willingness yo increase in knowledge
  6. Finance management etcetc

All these and more are very important factors that when appropriately practised will lead to one succeeding. 

Nonetheless, causes of success I have learnt, are self generated. Positive actions in whatever thing we do leads us to sucess. Success is being fulfilled and feeling fulfilled in whatever thing we do.

Success is not measured by the size of your acts. It is by the complete involvement of oneself into it to attain a desired outcome. Swami Sivananda once said, putting your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts is the secret to success.

What interests me is the word “smallest acts”. This means success is not only implemented on what we often call ” great acts”. Top notch business men and women learnt this principle. They never despised the days of their little beginnings. 

Businesses do not just turn out big. They follow the law of progressive growth. If we need a successful business, we need to focus on the foundation. To give in our all even when others think its not worth it. 

The importance of human relations in Business

Often at times, when the word “business”is mentioned, one thinks of profit making ventures and forget one of the most essential elements which is “human relations”.How to manage workers, in sustaining organisational goals is a very crucial point. At times, this becomes so difficult due to varying temperament people have. At one point, one of the guide laws of human resource management states the essentiality of a personality test! Personality testing in human resource management simply put, is carried out by the human resource department, to have a fore knowledge on prospective worker’s character traits/ mood.
However, one thing I have learnt in my three years working, is that, adopting a friendly and family atmosphere as a working environment yields the greatest of results. Yes! I know more often than not, many see it as a platform to call on laziness and redundancy at work. Nonetheless, form my observation, workers are human and not some slave. The best working environment is not just limited to best facilities put in place, but, that feeling of togetherness, what I call the ” team spirit”

Workers want to belong, they wish to be identified as a cause of success. When we treat workers as an essential part of our organisations success, it spurs them to do even more.

And I have noticed! That more often than not, companies spend more on TV adverts, billboard, radio ads….. Which are all good, but workers will do more when well treated! when workers are well treated, they become ambassadors of your company, wherever they may be and not only that, they also become more efficient in the realization of your organizational goals. One on one communication has proven to be one of the most effective modes of communication. The chances of believability is quite high!

The Mystery of the Puzzle

A puzzle is a game or problem, that tests ones ingenuity or knowledge. And often at times, one is required to put pieces together in a logical way, to arrive at the correct solution.

Every man dreams of one thing! And that’s to be successful, in the passion-driven aspect of their lives. But more often than not, we become limited because, we “see” ourselves as not being able.

The puzzle is quite a logistic game, but carries one of the greatest lessons to lead a successful life. Each piece of puzzle, has a significant use! None is less insignificant than the other, no matter how small it may be.

Sometimes. A puzzle game may have 50-100 pieces, to be placed in the right position, to obtain the desired picture at the end. The size of each puzzle, is not a determining factor of the its placement. In other words, simply because a piece might be bigger than the other doesn’t necessarily mean, that it should come first! Rather, each position the pieces occupy is a function of the desired outcome in mind!


  • “YOU” are important. And you have a role to play in any society/community or place you maybe.
  • Your “Size” doesn’t matter. No matter how “small” you think you maybe, when absent out of the puzzle, the puzzle picture will never be complete.
  • Know your “position”, know your role! The world is waiting on you to play your part and take your rightful position. Only then! Would you stand out!
  • Draw inspiration from all around you. Develop a 6th sense!

The Mother Eagle Lesson

Often at times we’re afraid of letting our dreams out of the mental cage of fear. Will people accept what I have? Will they appreciate what I have? Will they find my skills extraordinary? Do I have the courage? Can I do it?

Courage is only for the brave. And the bravest of people aren’t people of great physical strength but of mental strength. I was greatly inspired by a documentary I watched today about the mother eagle and her eaglets. Eagles normally build their nests in tall trees or on high cliffs.  After the eaglet gets to a certain maturity, mother eaglet comes back, but this time around, she doesn’t return with food on her beak as she always does. Rather, she hovers over the nest, as she remains almost motionless in mid air with her wings.

I wondered why she did that? Why didn’t she bring food for her eaglets? Why is she hovering over them? It made no sense…… I thought to myself….

Thereafter, she flies down with such great speed and pushes the eaglet out of the nest!…. Why?? …..why did she do that? We’d say she’s wicked! Today i was inspired by the mother eagle….she has something most of us haven’t nurtured. She’s courageous and brave in taking risk. She sees nothing as a limitation. She proves to her eaglets that if she can, they can, age and size is no limitation.

Sometimes all we need in life is a little push…..for us to break free from the chains of fear and soar just like the eagle. She chooses to maximise her desire to fly and mininse the fear of falling…. And so should we.


Business_Start Up!!

Creating and sustaining your own business isn’t just a way to wealth, but a way to pursue your life’s dreams and find personal fulfillment. This path often at times isn’t an easy one but, its one that all of history’s greatest entrepreneurs have had to follow.
The idea of starting a business is always fun and quite exciting but there is one logistical barrier, “you dont have money”.Starting a business with a huge amount of money” has always been the predominant ideology, that consumes the mind of many. And hence, poses as a major pull back to many. But it shouldn’t be! Rather, it is entirely possible to start a business with almost no personal financial investment..

question is …..is this possible?
It is very possible to start up a business with minimum capital. This is one thing entrepreneurs should have in mind. Seek how to minimise expenses. Here are vital business start up tips:

  1. Keep your current job: It is very necessary you get a source of income when aspiring to have a start up business. Owning and managing your own business doesn’t warrant you, abandoning other financial yielding  opportunities. Adapt a financial support system.
  2. Design a business plan: A business plan is a written description of your business’s future, a document that tells what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. The addage “proper preparation prevents poor performance”, amounts to proper planing. This plan serves as the foundation of your business and a guideline to all your activities.
  3. Do a competitive analysis: Simply put, who are your competitors?  what do they charge for the product or services they offer?, can you provide these products at a higher quality level or at a lower cost?. These are some of the questions to ask, in order to strategically plan your business and make it top!
  4. Also conduct the SWOT analysis, analyzing the success, weaknesses, opportunities and  traits of your competitors to gain an upper edge.
  5. Research and test your idea: If you have as planned to start up a restaurant…. Try out by cooking for a fundraiser program at school, or ceremonies to see how well you can handle it, and how well others appreciate your services.
  6. Find opportunities to build business skills at a cheaper rate. If you want a successful business, be a successful businessman/woman.
  7. Streamline your staff plans
  8. Advertise your business: Consumers/customers will only consume what “they know of”. Create awareness on the existence of your product or services. In this light, “stop searching for the gold and forgetting the mine.” If you can’t afford TV ads or rent billboard space, go for the flyres. Print them out  and distribute handily first to your immediate surrounding. Why? This is because there is already an existing “relation”. Make the most out of it! At this stage, try as much as you can to device varying marketing strategies. Best run business will fail if no one knows it exists.

starting a business  with small amount of capital is not an impossibility…..” It can be done”