When darkness is gone

Give way to the light, You glorious night, And be gone from me, All the sadness I see, For there’s a glorious light, That shines upon, When darkness is gone. I’ll but cherish the light, Only in the presence of the dark, So I’ll let come the night, To better appreciate the light. Concealing beautyContinue reading “When darkness is gone”


Early marriage which is defined as a union, formal or informal, entered into by a child or youth under a certain age, typically aged eighteen, has been one of the leading cause of underdevelopment in most African countries, given rise to high levels of illiteracy especially among the girl child, unprecedented increase in death toll andContinue reading “COMBATING EARLY MARRIAGE IN CAMEROON”


Everyday we get to sleep, with little or no certainty if we’re gonna wake up to witness the next day. But if you do…know life has offered you another chance to bring your dreams and imaginations to reality. Earlier today when I was researching on the internet I stumbled on one of Albert Einstein’s quotesContinue reading “OWN YOUR IMAGINATIONS”

3 Most Impactful Initiatives I came across in 2018

One of the things I find most intriguing in living, is meeting up with people who think hopeful, who see further and who let change to be expressed through them to the world. The journey of our lives is powered by the wheel of hope. A far greater expectation that Tomorrow will be better thanContinue reading “3 Most Impactful Initiatives I came across in 2018”