The man in the Mirror

We all take a look at the mirror, to conduct an appraisal of ourselves. We take a look at the mirror, to perfect any imperfection, to set right what Was wrong. To take off what isn’t needed, and add that which is relevant.At the end of it all, what we have is “the desired result”Continue reading “The man in the Mirror”

The importance of human relations in Business

Often at times, when the word “business”is mentioned, one thinks of profit making ventures and forget one of the most essential elements which is “human relations”.How to manage workers, in sustaining organisational goals is a very crucial point. At times, this becomes so difficult due to varying temperament people have. At one point, one ofContinue reading “The importance of human relations in Business”

Creative power of the human mind!!!

When life throws us stones…..we should have the creative ability to change those stones into fruits. Don’t go out looking for  things that’d change your life. For all you ever seek lies in your creative ability. Make the most out of what you have. See the good even when others see the bad. For whatContinue reading “Creative power of the human mind!!!”