In a world filled with millions of people going about their lives…. There’s always that tendency to loose your voice in the midst of so many. Flames of bitter life’s experiences have so much burnt us down to ashes…. But we need to rise up. Emerging stronger than we were and have been.

Bills not paid, job lost, loved ones gone, huge debts lying around, mortgaged properties, broken relationships, disaster staring you in the face ๐Ÿ˜” confusion in the air. Lost in the many challenges…. Are the one and one too many unwanted issues we face

Life will always hit us. And most times, it hits us so bad that we count ourselves as unfortunate to have been embraced by it.

Sometimes we may feel that there’s no worth to our many battles we fight especially when we do not heild the results we expected. But don’t give up!! For its just the weight of the world. Focus more on love around you and if you can’t find love, learn to love yourself…

The world will never be complete without you. You are worthy of love…

In one of my write ups The face Behind the veil I said:

I want the world to see me for a strong person that I am. I want to be the candle in the dark that gives hope and light to many who wallow in despair. So I’ll hide my tears not for the sake of being ashamed of being weak, but because I want the world to know me for the strong person that I am.

Errors are bound to happen and the course of our lives sometimes will end up not as it should. And that’s OK!

Dark times won’t last always…… For there’s a glory that meets the eye…lying far beyond the horizons….a hopeful lifestyle we wish we could acheive. And we will if we wish

I’ll be starting out a series on depression….

Someone out there needs hope ๐Ÿ˜€

Love ๐Ÿ˜

And a listening ear๐Ÿ‘‚

I dedicate this poem to anyone battling with depression

Rise up from your ashes

Trapped by pain, ripped off gains,

The feeling of being helpless, broken, unable, deserted and worthless comes knocking…

Instantly nothing makes sense

The glorious beam of joy gives way to the saddening darkness of the night.

Pause โธ… It creeps in…..

Into your mind…

Nothingness is all that the eyes behold…

Starring into the deep vaccum left from the bullets of pain

But you Can rise from these ashes

Unavoidable it seems,

Denting into the then memories of joy you once had.

Which now resides within the pages of your forgotten past.

Joy becomes a story once lived, once expirienced,

Recounted to console the present grief.

Burned to ashes…

All that’s left is silence…

Yet you can rise from your ashes.

we can spot the rising sun from the horizon dressing up the heavens in a beautiful aray

So we pray

Our bitterness is washed away

Never let the grudges and pains of your past define who you are and will be.

I’ll begin a series on depression and got this need when I almost lost my friend to it. Currently she’s battling and fighting to stay strong and this is dedicated to her and to all those struggling with it.

Hope you join me as we walk down this journey of knowledge….

Until then stay in the beautiful company of your loved ones, pets and friends๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ