To you who’s reading…I need you…you are important

We may be tempted sometimes to feel and think that there are lots of things and people around us with far greater importance and in great need of our attention…than we are to ourselves.

The Earth without you and is a void and vast ball hanging in space. Nothing happens if we’re not in it.

When the many troubles of life hits you, sometimes remind yourself of how treasured you are.

We need each other. Holding on to one another .

Holding on means different things to different people in different situations. To others it means to wait or have patience…to some it means to get attached to someone or something. Whatever the case, we need each other’s support, as well as forbearance to endure and live in Harmony with each other.

At that point in our lives when the storms come hitting we need a support system… And that’s You and I.

The greatest possession of an individual is in their relationship with others.

You are needed

You are loved

Dont give up