What if I couldn’t speak,

What if I couldn’t breathe,

What if I couldn’t live,

Will there ever be a me?

What if I couldn’t see,

What if I be in need,

What if I’m engolfed with greed,

What will become of me?

What if I’m all alone,

Walking on this long lost road,

What if I got no home,

What will become of me?

What if my life’s complicated

And I’m feeling all frustrated

What if nothing ever works

What will become of me?

What if moments in our lives will always be. That moment when we are seized and gripped with “unhappened fears”.

But it all depends on you to change the what ifs to what is…

Fear often comes when we are about changing our usual routine. When the body is about accepting or facing change, fear always comes in a disguised form of hypothetical thoughts.

We can never stop fear….but we can always overcome it!

And the best way of overcoming fear I doing what makes you afraid…

Do what makes you afraid to overcome fear

Fear keeps you away from making bold steps in life which will propel you closer to your goals and dreams in life. And most often it attacks the mind and subsequently the body refuses to take actions. If you’re constantly caught in the web of confusion and panick in face of an innovation in your life…then that’s fear!

However there’s a thin line between being afraid and being cautious

The Difference

Being Afraid:

I want to start my own business, but I’m too afraid of failing and what people might think of me If I fail.

Being Careful:

I want to start my own business, but before I do, I’ll make sure everything is in place.

Being Afraid:

I want to approach this girl I like, but what If she doesn’t like me? (Fear)

Being Careful:

I want to approach this girl I like, but before I do I have to dress my best and make sure I look the part so I stand a better chance.

Sometimes when we’re too careful we try to make everything “perfect” to the point of never getting it done.

And when we’re afraid, we stop ourselves from doing the things we want through justification and excuses.

Liberate yourself off the bondage of fear and start doing what makes you afraid!