Growth is a progressive symbol of change and maturity. It only happens wherever there is life! With plants, animals and human beings. When someone does not grow, when change does not occur in the life of someone…you may as well be as good as dead.

Growing comes along with so many changes both physically, emotionally and mentally. No one ever desires to remian stagnant. But somehow and somewhere in our lives we are! When you find it so hard to move on from that broken relationship you are not growing. When samethings still hurt you all the time, you are not growing. When the relics of your past still control your future, you are not growing. When you are gullible in face of your weakness and haven’t gathered the strength to outgrow them, you are not growing.

Growing is living

When you cease to grow, you seize to live.

Can someone actually grow even if he is a failure??

Oh yes you can!!

Actually failures point out your weaknesses. It’s upto you to either outgow it or live with it.

Choose to grow and you will