3 Most Impactful Initiatives I came across in 2018

One of the things I find most intriguing in living, is meeting up with people who think hopeful, who see further and who let change to be expressed through them to the world.

The journey of our lives is powered by the wheel of hope. A far greater expectation that Tomorrow will be better than today…..

But to those who understand the times, seize the opportunity, see the glory in the fall and the solution in the problems would always have a better tomorrow, today.

Earlier this year I was invited in Nigeria by my very good friends CEO of The Adekoya Godwin Leader’s Hub, to give out a motivational talk on Self discipline to some Nigerian youths…and there I learnt something worthwhile

Sucess is not the enmassing of wealth but it’s a mental transformation, and personal satisfaction in life. It occurs when we love what we do, find solace in it and use it to inspire lives

So here comes the list of 3 most inspiring youth Initiatives I came in contact with:

1. YOSDOC: (Your service Dot Com)

A budding but massive organisation located in the Central part of Africa precisely in the country Cameroon, is a life changing Non-profit Organization. Having as aim to impact the lives of youths not just within the localities of the nation itself, but world wide, is this Initiative which seeks to raise a skilled set of contemporary business tycoons in the African continent.

I happened to have had a talk with the CEO (Boh Clovis Nguea)of this organization and the rationls for starting this organization was based on the fundamental problem most African countries are facing.

When youths upon completion of studies step out to gain jobs, they’re always asked of working experience. Yet, they’re not given a platform to gain these expiriences…..this is where YOSDOC comes in

Recently in 2019, just after a year of full operations, YOSDOC birthed NGUEA 2N BUSINESS Enterprise to provide the Cameroonian youths with luxurious platforms of gaining needed expiriences, help fashion enterpreneurs and of course provide job placements

This organization is bent on creating effective change in the seven spheres the Cameroonian Society and revamp employability rate of the country.

2. Build Dream Africa Academy:

From the Southernmost tip of the African continent to every part of the continent is the extent of the impact the Build Dream Africa Academy is creating.

Focusing on reinstating the needed educational system that provokes creativity and personal development, is the underlying reason for this organzation’s establishment. Haven understood that the fundamental cause and reason for the delayed progression of African youth is due to “misplaced education training system”. A scenario which gives birth to misplaced orientation.

I would say this Initiative was founded based on the sacred words of one of the World’s Iconic leaders Nelso Mandela who said:

Education is one of the greatest weapons that can change the world.

Alot of Africans have dreams but do not know what it takes to get there. This initiaive comes in to provide a long lasting solution to this phenomenon that has plagued our African continent for decades.

Build Dream Africa (BDA) Academy is a skills-development and capacity building institution with diverse programs for short and medium-term training.It is designed to offer space to Africa and global innovators seeking a space to hone their skillset, innovation and patent their ideas. More than ever, BDA seeks to solve global challenges; quench employers’ thirst for skills which are fit-for purpose; and offer new pathways for job creation, poverty reduction and inclusive development.

I am so happy to have met up with the Founder of Build Dream Africa Academy). Truly, his ideas are inspiring.

3. The Adekoya Godwin Leader’s Hub:

A Nigerian based but worldwide affecting initiative is the Adekoya Godwin Leader’s Hub which is bent on creating leaders and visionaries.

Adekoya Godwin believes that in every Country or Society there is need for a rebranished set of individuals who uphold the virtue of leadership in every sphere of the society. His initiative focuses on Youth Empowerment, Education and Enterpreneurship.
In a society plagued with stereotypes, Adekoya Leader’s Hub comes to break the “normal routine” which of course has become the order of the day amongst African youths and a clear reoccurrence in most African settings.

The world is in need of leaders and front liners……


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