“Moving on” is a phrase used by so many people; in failed relationships, when we encounter disappointments, wanting to let go bad habits or anything that steals our joy.

There are lots of things that we hold unto so strong and sometimes we do not have the courage to let go…

One thing with holding onto the wrong things in life, is that you gain nothing out of it…..you simply waste time and you become stagnant.

The more you hold unto the hurts, you will never want to move out of the hurts. You will be there until you decide to let go and move on…..Move ahead.

Moving on makes you realize there are certain journeys in life you alone can cover….

It helps you discover that you need to maybe love yourself a little more than you do now.

Moving on means things that hurt you before no longer do…

Mistakes of yesterday do not control your future…

Moving on os accepting a second chanc life has given you, to right your wrongs

So what are you waiting for???

Move on from that pain



Anger.poor relationship


And move into happiness




And love….