We often go about our daily lives, appreciating others for jobs well done, when they might have acheived success or gone a milestone in their live’s activities.

And sometimes we less appreciate our very own selves. We get so filled and blinded with the thought of arriving or becoming someone better in the future….which is undecided in nature, than focusing and appreciating who we are at the very moment.

In one of my posts, We made it, I said it was always important for us to catch a glimpse of who we were yesterday to better appreciate who we are today.

I personally think, a man’s motivation to greater success is first of all acknowledging who you were, appreciating who you are, to get to who you want to become!

This means our present state decides who we become! We can’t wipe out the present and aim for the future

Because, the gift of the present, is that we are given the acertainty and assurance to life!

Like I said in another post of mine, using the words of Josh Groban “Tomorrow’s undecided, never take a single breathe for granted….”

So while you still are, appreciate yourself so much that you already become a better version of yourself now!

We anticipate too much!

As though we have control of time!

Love your life now…

Love yourself now…

Go out to the most inspiring places now….

Appreciate who you are…..