Drenched in the deepest pain

Recalling regrets from within

Loosing all urge to gain

Refusing to let come tomorrow

No love to let in

There’s none for me to borrow

How can I unmask my sorrow

Pretending to be free

There’s nothing I see

But a face behind a veil

If left to me

I want to be happy

But I seem not to break the shackles off me

Then I realize,

Seeming is not being

If I wish, I can.

Originally posted by: Livingwhatyoulove

People will never understand “You”, the way you want them to. They can to an extent. But you are the very one who cries at night but shows off a smile at noonday. You are the one who falls and the one who rises.

You need to smile out…..

The world needs to see you strong because that’s who you are.

You can’t afford letting that scar in your heart get the best of you…

You can’t let that broken relationship wash away every hope of loving again….

You need to stand tall and bold to face every bit of depressing challenges

Let the world know you for your strength

Let your footprints be on the Sands of time

This is just me most times. Recently I had a confusion mix starring in my face…. And I thought to myself where can I find the motivation and strength to pull through this mess?

I show strong, tough, but I cry most times……And when I do cry, it’s not a sign of defeat, but a sign that I feel.

I sometimes feel I have been strong for far too long

But I need to keep being strong. …

Not for myself but for those I love and for my family.

The tear inspired by Klimt by K Madison Moore

And so I hide my face behind the veil. Not because I am shy, and weak. But because I want the world to know me for the strong person I am. And benefit from my strength.

My tears make me beautiful. It makes me see how humane I still am. It makes me feel…..

And after every tear, I’m reborn and recycled to be stronger than I was.

So I let my face stay behind the veil.

Not because I wish to pretend. But because I think of the greater good it brings.

No one wants walking on the streets and crying about your problems….because the world doesn’t actually care what’s going on in your life. Everyone is busy thinking on a way forward in the mess they’ve found themselves in as well.

And so this life, is a relentless battle. We fight to live and maintain our happiness.

We fight with choices, preferences, emotions and decisions.

But this fight, is not on the streets or with those who caused it….

This fight is from within……

Residing behind the veil….

Thank you all so much for reading and I’d love to get your views on my thoughts…..