As days and years go by, we grow up with desires in mind of who we wish to become. We want to be someone better……we wish to let go of whatever makes us feel bad. We want to grow progressively towards the positive direction of life. We want to become someone better. We want an upgrade.

And so more often than not……our journey of life is centered on the quest to attain or arrive at the “best version of ourselves”. But what we don’t know is, we do not become someone better, we grow into someone better.

Life’s lessons, expiriences, the ups and downs, the joy, and the pain mold us, break us and reshape us. We are the very products of our daily expiriences. We don’t just live life, we learn to live and live to learn.

Everytime we get hit by life, we grow in strength to rise up again. And when we rise, we become. Growth comes with alot of changes. These changes will sometimes hurt us….it will at some point be either pleasing or hurting. But note tgat you are developping something new.

So we do not wait for tomorrow to become someone different……we become everyday of our lives….because, life brings us to the point where we ceaselessly become someone new and different through the actions we take and decisions we make.

So it’s not always about who I want to become……but who I am.

So do not wait for tomorrow to become beautiful. Begin today……learn to appreciate who are you….and you will better appreciate who you become. Because who we become depends on who we are.

It therefore starts with you, and Now.