At the other side of the wall….

A wall is an artificial defense mechanism put in place by man, to secure and protect what he has. It equally defines the territory or sphere of influence of the owner.

But we’ll be looking at the wall, not as a protective mechanism, but as a barrier. To be more precised, a mental barrier.

At the other side of the wall, we have a world we have dreamt of for so long. Yet, we seem to be afar off from it a million miles because our minds are blocked……

We think that we can’t achieve..

We can’t get there…….

It takes too long….

It can’t be done…

We immediately limit ourselves within the confines of our so called protective mental wall.

The climb might seem too tough. We might feel we are not good enough to complete it. But as I would always say..

There is and will never be another you…

Life’s walls may have blocked us from seeing the other side of life. We may have dwelt far too long where we are. It’s time we make the change.

It’s time we take the step towards our victory of crossing over every pain, and challenge.

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