Beautifully Broken

It will amaze us how beautiful broken “things” can get. Wonder how beautiful shattered glasses of variant colours, concealed in a transparent vase can be. Not all “things” that get broken, get ugly, rejected and unwanted. The best outcome of things, decisions, work of arts were arrived at when protocols were broken, and the process was changed.

There might have been alot of Life’s push, problems and difficulties that made us broken in a way or the other. And then we feel the best destination, deserving of our state, is the thrash bin. We give up on ourselves, dreams, who we are and what makes us us. We get so quick, to do away with the broken . A broken relationship, broken marraige, broken family, and what have you.

We can’t have total control of our life’s happenings. We can’t always have to choose the good things and it happens to us all the time. We will get broken at one point. Broken when we have lost trust, broken when we have lost someone dear, broken because we feel the weight of our world on our shoulders. Broken because we can’t be strong anymore when we feel we have been for so long a time.

We will get broken somehow, someday. But, when we do, we should always remember, we can always make it beautiful😊. Life isn’t just beautiful, we make it beautiful.

Happy week😊🌸💕💕

Always stay beautiful

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