A puzzle is a game or problem, that tests ones ingenuity or knowledge. And often at times, one is required to put pieces together in a logical way, to arrive at the correct solution. Our lives are like puzzles. We wake up each day, trying to fit each piece where it should belong.

The puzzle is quite a logistic game, but carries one of the greatest lessons to lead a successful life. Each piece of puzzle, has a significant use! None is less insignificant than the other, no matter how small it may be.

Never belittle yourself. Never underestimate yourself and never feel insecure or less confident. ..

A puzzle game may have 50-100 pieces, to be placed in the right position, to obtain the desired picture at the end. The size of each puzzle piece has nothing to do with how important it is. Whether great or small, one thing is for sure….and that is, each piece is as important as the other. In other words, simply because a piece might be bigger than the other doesn’t necessarily mean, that it should come first! Rather, each position the pieces occupy is a function of the desired outcome in mind!

The journey might seem long. Fixing the pieces of our lives aren’t as easy as it’s said. It requires patience, consistency, devotion, and hardwork.

But at the end of the tunnel, there’s always a light.


  • “YOU” are important. And you have a role to play in any society/community or place you maybe.
  • Your “Size” doesn’t matter. No matter how “small” you think you maybe, when absent out of the puzzle, the puzzle picture will never be complete.
  • Know your “position”, know your role! The world is waiting on you to play your part and take your rightful position. Only then! Would you stand out!
  • Draw inspiration from all around you. Develop a 6th sense!