Man is on an unending quest in search of a never ending Happiness ( Joy).

Growing up, I couldn’t place a thin line between JOY and HAPPINESS. They are emotions that express completeness, satisfaction, and excitement. Hardly can one ever think of a difference existing between these emotions.

But I think, I had an expirience lately which make me realise Happiness is quite different from Joy.

Happiness is instant, and temporal. It is always provoked by exciting circumstances or what I will call external factors. It can easily be wiped off by sad happenings. This is what explains…a minute you are happy😀, and the next you are sad😕

Joy, is different. It is an internal feeling of never ending happiness. It is not affected by happenings around you. It stays forever in your heart . It’s that calm assurance and rest you have in heart even when things go wrong. It’s makes you stay confident and positive. It gives you the power to overcome difficult times. It keeps you standing…..
The causes of joy have been ascribed to various sources:

“When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”_ Gautama Buddha.
“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.” _ Joseph Campbell.

Joy is the emotional dimension of the good life, of a life that is both going well and is being lived well.”_ Miroslav Volf.

The question I ask myself is this: After many years of living can one realise they have been happy but haven’t expirienced joy?

These are just my thoughts😊

A lovely week to you all❤❤🙌