Family, the society, people, work, business try as much to tell us how we should be. How we should behave, and how to become the person they want us to be. Alot of things retain us from being us. What makes you different is what makes others indifferent. Our uniqness depends on those facets that make up our character, what comprises of our dream, and preferences.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than living a life meant for you. But most often at times, we are living our lives as imposters. Impersonating others, all for the glory we think lies in doing so. There’s nothing more beautiful than being you.

In my country it’s most likely to see parents get their children to live the life they couldn’t. …accomplish the dreams they couldn’t because time played a prank on them!

There are so many rules that curb out an aspect that makes us, us. All for the sake of wanting to be perfect, we loose that aspect of us that makes us different and unique.

This feeling always creep in when we feel less appreciative of ourselves. When we feel we aren’t good enough. And so the way forward, is acting as someone we consider better to obtain better results. No matter what comes, we stick to who we are.

People might easily accept us for the good we are, and not our weaknesses. It is not about running behind a pool of individuals who’d see the good in you and appreciate. It’s about being yourself completely and yet, having people around who will continously remind you of who you want to become.

Published by Living what you love

A passionate young Cameroonian with the desire to bring about community development and change. I have a nack for the art of cooking.....and interpreting personal recipes!!!

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